Meshoe calls on EFF to apologise for ‘blasphemous’ Good Friday statement

Rev Kenneth Meshoe, leader of the ACDP.

The EFF should apologise to Christians for its blaspehmous Good Friday statement claiming that “the Palestinians are the crucified, hanging body of Jesus today”, says ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe in a media statement released yesterday.

“Jesus’ death on the Cross was an expression of the highest form of love — He gave His life for the salvation of ALL mankind. No person in history before or since Jesus has done this. Palestinians are not being crucified.

“The EFF must issue an apology to all Christians for making this comparison which is insidious, inflammatory, highly offensive and blasphemous. Furthermore, Jesus was and is the Messiah for ALL people; rich and poor, black and white, young and old,” he says.


Meshoe’s statement continues: “Referencing the Palestinians as ‘Palestinians of Jerusalem’ is mischievous and outright deceptive. Jesus was a Jew. Jerusalem has belonged to the Jews for over 3 000 years, from the time King David first established it as a city of Israel. Not only does the Bible attest to this, historical writings and archaeology confirms it.

“Israel is not a racist, murderous and apartheid regime. This is a lie that the EFF continues to tell; a lie that I will not address in this statement as organisations such as DEISI International, the ACDP and other South African and international organisations have refuted many, many times.

“I encourage persons not wanting to be deceived to research the truth for themselves and, if given the opportunity to travel to Israel to see the vibrant democracy that she is, to do so!”

Referring to a call in the EFF Good Friday message for Christians to pray for Libya where African slavery has been revived, Meshoe says: “I agree that Christians (and people of all faiths) should pray for Libya where there is a thriving trade of African slavery.

“We should pray that God opens the eyes of the world to the truth of what is actually taking place, and that He should give Libya, Morocco, and other African nations, leaders who are compassionate and who will not sacrifice the well-being of their people for power and money.

“We should also pray that God brings to justice the Arab leaders at whose hand Africans are being sold like animals. Arab leaders who come from the same cloth as the Palestinian leaders who would rather spend the billions of dollars they receive from the international community to fund a mission to destroy Israel instead of investing in the health, education, and economic development of the Palestinian people. The EFF’s failure to mention the perpetrators of the Libyan slave trade or call the Palestinian leaders to account for the abuses they inflict on their own people smacks of total hypocrisy.”

Concluding his statement Meshoe says: “Perhaps ignorantly but likely with a hidden agenda, the EFF’s statement focuses only on the death of Jesus Christ. Easter is the Christian commemoration of His death and celebration of His resurrection. Whereas it was His death on the Cross that paid the debt for our sins, it is because Jesus rose from the dead that we can have hope, healing, peace and prosperity. His death and resurrection were also to reconcile man back to God. Jesus’ ministry of reconciliations is a ministry that, according to the Bible, we have been called to further.

“Reconciliation is an act and attitude the EFF would do good to commit to and so reject their message of division and violence. It is an act and attitude that the party should encourage others to embrace. A reconciliatory approach that is accompanied by godly wisdom will ensure that the challenges faced by South Africa (including land redistribution) will be overcome in a way that brings peace, true transformation and prosperity for all South Africans.”


  1. i agree with the sacp….we must pray for isreal and its people…

  2. follower of d almighty christ

    The EFF N it’s leaders must convert to Islam to make this kind of comments on a very special day comes from a very sick individuals. Make this kind of comments about the prophet(month) on their special days n u will see what happen.

  3. Only God's love can save Stop the hate

    You are the one that is blaspheming against Jesus here. Which Bible are you reading? Why do you think Jesus wept over Jerusalem? What did every Prophet come to Israel to do? Was it not to condemn their injustice? If the EFF is blaspheming by speaking against the killing and disposession of Palestians then you might as well renounce the book of Micah, Jeremiah, Ezikiel, Jeremiah and even Jesus Himself. No prophet was ever loved because they did not beg to loved by Israel because they wanted God’s love. To love Israel is to speak the truth to her that she might turn to God and treat the Palestians with the dignity that shows that indeed they are God’s people. Right now they are behaving like the devil’s people. Anyone who can’t see that is talking to another god but certainly not God who so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whomever believes should not perish but have eternal life.

    • Stop believing everything the media tells you about Israel , do some research yourselves before you make such nonsense

  4. What a wise and well balanced reply to the over zealous and volatile Malema and his EFF easily stirred group. More Christians should support the ACDP as they are the moral voice within parliament that mediates to bring sense and reason to many would be unfortunate actions within government.Well done Kenneth Meshoe

  5. Whilst a christian in particular, may support a lot of what Rev. Meshoe has to say, great care needs to be taken when expressing Christian values within a non-christian political environment. When challenged with a similar issue, the words of Jesus were very specific: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be caesar’s and unto GOD, the things which be GOD’S.”
    For a Christian to call upon “people of all faiths” to pray with them on a matter is highly questionable, for all true disciples of Christ would know that there is only one true GOD; The Almighty; Creator of Heaven and Earth. All other faiths outside of Christianity have chosen other gods to pray to, these are those that support what is happening in Libya and elsewhere.

  6. Recent comment by Julius Malema.
    “Unlike Jesus, I don’t need a silly cross to save my people. I believe i am the Messiah of our time. I’m gonna save this nation like Jesus saved Christians. Except I’ll be able to save you without some silly Cross” If you don’t believe me go to youtube “Julius Malema-silly cross.” To my knowledge the leadership of the EFF has not contradicted their leader. Apart from another blasphemous statement He feels free to mock basic christian beliefs. It is obvious that the EFF is anti christian and anti Israel.What concerns me is the deafening silence from main christian leaders except for Rev. Meshoe of the ACDP.