Message of hope for 2016 from Malaysia

900 people from many nations attended the annual ISAAC Network School of the Spirit in Malaysia from November 23 to 27, 2015.


ISAAC Network School of the Spirit 2015

[notice]Gateway News Volunteer Reporter Claire Sally Roos recently attended the annual ISAAC Network School of the Spirit in Malaysia. She shares a South African perspective on the prophetic message of hope for 2016 delivered by ISAAC Network leader and international prophetic movement trailblazer Dr Jonathan David.[/notice]

From November 23 to 27, 2015, about 900 people from many countries across the globe gathered for the annual School of the Spirit held at the All Nations Sanctuary in Muar, Johor Province, Malaysia, headquarters of the ISAAC Network of Churches, spearheaded by Dr Jonathan David. What was special about this conference that set it apart from other years, was the number of attendees. South Africa, Australia and Papua New Guinea each had over 100 representatives from different churches. A massive 40 member group was sent from just one church in Sydney, Australia.

It is usual for mostly pastors who flow with the ISAAC network as Dr Jonathan’s spiritual sons and those who follow his teachings to attend the School of the Spirit, but this year the spiritual sons brought their spiritual sons along to receive, first-hand, the apostolic impartation that was to be given. Church leaders in many nations, without any kind of human prompting, felt God call on them to encourage their church members to step out in faith for finances and make the flight to Malaysia to be part of the 2015 SoS (as it is affectionately called).

And so pastors and congregation members from South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, England, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA and more took their places to receive what God wanted to impart to them in preparation for the season ahead and specifically for their churches in 2016. They were not disappointed.

‘Year of the select arrow’
Dr Jonathan referred to 2016 as the ‘Year of the select arrow’: a time when people of the Church will rise out of apparent obscurity and take their place as God’s battleaxes, fighting against the powers of darkness and all that is negative, lacking and destructive in our society. He described how these people would be moved, by the hand of God Himself, into strategic positions in society and the Church, and would lead the rising of a warring Bride, who will not in any way be overpowered by the gates of hell. What it will cost from them is to open up their hearts, yield their spirits and give Him their highest and best.

True shepherds
Dr Jonathan also called 2016 the ‘Year of true shepherds’, where God will raise up people to lead and care for His flock with an even greater sense of care, love, integrity and sacrifice than ever before – shepherds with God’s heart. He said it will be a time when pastors will be given the people they need to work alongside them in pastoring the people of God and they will be given a “special understanding of His heart; compassion like never before, and strength in the spirit”.

One thing that also came through strongly was that if we wallow in our hurt, focussing on how people have maligned or not appreciated us in the past, we will not be able to rise. This is a huge truth for us, the Church in South Africa. We need to make sure that we are not caught in this trap, but that we release that which was and build the future of our country and our church on the truth that God says about us.

Drawn to the light
Dr Jonathan encouraged those present that if we do that, if we live according to what God commands us, the world will look at our lives and “People in society will say, ‘These are the kind of sons I want, these are the kinds of daughters I want, this is the kind of order I want, these are the kind of children I want, this is the kind of marriage I want, this is the kind of confidence I want’. They are going to come in and look and see the Throne of God established; they are going to be attracted to it.”

May the prayer of every son and daughter of God in South Africa be for this to come to pass. And may we attract nations to the light and truth of God, our God, in such a way. Dr Jonathan also said:  “God is going to bring about a synergy in God’s people that explains what it means to be united in diversity. 2016 is a very powerful year that God will begin to show them how we can live in harmony though we live in diversity. Diverse cultures, colours, race, religion, yet we can become one [i.e. in the sense of living alongside one another and working together for the good of all].” May this be so in South Africa!

The God factor
One of the most encouraging things that I witnessed at the conference was how people from many different nations fellowshipped with each other during mealtimes, sharing with each other about what God is doing in their lives and countries. There was no awkwardness or fear or distrust, they all knew that they have one common goal: to bring glory and honour to the King of all kings. No leader or speaker needed to coerce anyone to mingle, it was simply the God factor that worked. People connected with people as they were led by the Spirit of God.

So we can all look forward to the New Year 2016, knowing that it is not a blank page. It is written full to overflowing with good works which God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). It is brimming with great exploits that we will do for God in our days which were written in His book long before ever they took shape, when as yet there were none of them (Psalm 139).

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  1. Thank you, Gateway & Claire for an interesting and encouraging report. We, all nations need to reach out rather than separate ourselves from one another.