Michael W Smith – Sovereign Deluxe Edition: Review

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Music review by Ellenor Lotter


Today, while watching the DVD of the album we will be discussing today, I had you on my mind. I was thinking about the fact that you take the time to read the reviews every week and I am wondering if this will actually entice you to investigate… If you are anything like me, you might be lured into just a little bit of curiosity; at least that is what I am hoping for!

Without any further ado, our focus this week is landing on none other than MICHAEL W. SMITH and his brand new release, SOVEREIGN: DELUXE EDITION. Maybe I will be revealing my ‘tender young age’ when sharing with you when I bought my first Michael W. Smith album, but I will rest in the fact that both Michael and me do have more than one thing in common, we both look great for our age! All jokes aside, let’s look at this celebration of a man who’s pursuit of his God, and ours, has lead him to this new season in his journey with God and with the people he has inspired to worship the ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD.

This album was officially released by Sparrow Records and Capitol Christian Music Group on the 13th of May 2014, marking the beginning of Michael’s relationship with this label. On the local scene the album is distributed by Maranatha Record Company. This is his first studio recording since 2008 and this is a true reflection of the excellence we have come to know when hearing the name Michael W. Smith. What really excited me was finding that the focus of this album has not deviated from acknowledging the fact that Jesus Christ truly is the SOVEREIGN One, the One Who has “unlimited power and authority”.

Michael has joined hands with various producers and songwriters in the industry, working with them for the first time. This included names like Seth Moseley from Newsboys and Kyle Lee. On the production side he included Chris Stephens (Tobymac, Carry Underwood) and writer/producer Jeremy Edwardson (Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture). This collaboration “crafted a vibrant collection of vertically-focused songs with a fresh sense of musical innovation” as quoted from the new albums official press release.

I think many of us are waiting with bated breath, as we count down the days to “A night of Worship with Kari Jobe” – her South African tour – and to my great excitement this young lady turns out to be one of Michael’s favorite worship leaders, thus inviting her to sing on one of the tracks.

One of the songs not featured on the DVD is “Sky spills over”. I have to mention this song as I can see an army in my mind’s eye, marching to this song, a true anthem! The cd consists of 12 songs with the DVD featuring 9 of these.

The DVD included in the Deluxe Edition is an absolute bonus and takes the world into Michael’s backyard so to speak, one week after the release of the album. The live recording of the DVD was done in his barn in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a combination of the songs as played in front of a live audience, but also commentaries by Michael among others, well worth the watch.

Enjoy this!

Let the worshipper in you arise!

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  1. Although I absolutely love ‘You Won’t Let Go’, I felt the rest of the songs on this album were weaker in comparison. Perhaps that song set the bar too high!