Mighty Men Conference back in Western Cape

Men at the Western Cape Mighty Men Conference 2011.

The Western Cape Mighty Men Conference movement which was suspended following a surprise announcement in February is back on track following a recent constructive meeting between Mighty Men founder Angus Buchan and MMC stalwarts from all over South Africa.

At the May 8 meeting on his Greytown Farm, Shalom, Buchan briefed men on the need to register the names ‘Mighty Men’, ‘MMC’ and ‘Angus Buchan’ in order to ensure that activities linked to those names reflected the character and values of the influential Mighty Men movement that he had pioneered on his farm from 2004 to 2010. Since the MMC events were regionalised  in 2011 certain people had “misused” the MMC and Buchan names to advertise events that did not meet the established standards, said James McGowan — better known as  Piperjames.

Piperjames who attended the meeting at Shalom said that on May 15 an informal “introductory meeting” was held in Durbanville, Cape Town, with people  interested in reviving the WCMMC. Those present were told that Buchan had given his blessing to the proposed revival of Mighty Men Conferences in the Western Cape. They agreed to invite more people to a follow-up meeting  on June 5.  Anybody interested in attending or getting involved should contact Ina at mightymentartan@live.co.za or  082 850 4559 for further information.

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About 15 000 men attended the first  Western Cape MMC on Elohim farm near Paarl in March 2011 and many expected that there would be another MMC in the area in April 2012. But in February, Hardus Zevenster, Radio Tygerberg CEO and WCMMC organising committee member announced that there would be no MMC in the Western Cape in 2012, saying it was time for men who had attended previous MMC events to stand on their own and to live out the gospel daily in every sphere of society.

A significant contingent of Western Cape men attended the Karoo Mighty Men Conference in Middelburg last month. The return of the MMC to the Western Cape will be welcomed. It is possible that the next WMMC will be held on Elohim farm again but the date of the event still has to be discussed.

Piperjames said the WCMMC would follow the well-practiced Mighty Men format to bring men to the Lord.

“Not only do we help men become better men but better fathers, husbands, brothers and sons and we also include the wives, girlfriends, fiancés and the children too,”  he said.

He said that the WCMMC would go all out to bring people of all races and positions in society together.



  1. Go for it guys !!! Wonderful feedback from men who have been on the Conference of God’s changing power.

  2. Had a God awesome time at Karoo MMC but looking forward to Western Cape to bring other Fathers/Friends that could not travel that far

  3. Peregrine Visser

    I can not wait for MMC to come back to the WC. Went to MMC 2010 at Shalom and God has changed me and my life for the better since then. All the Glory to Him.