Mighty Men KZN ready for action

The beautful MMC KZv enue at Mooi River.
The beautIful MMC KZv venue at Mooi River.

The Mighty Men KZN team is expecting a full house and a ‘blistering Spirit-filled weekend’ at the 3rd annual gathering at Southern Cross Farm, Mooi River from Friday October 4 to Sunday October.

“This year we have decided to make MMC free, with the option to make a donation, [and] to help people with no transport we have rented a bus that will leave from Pinetown on Friday at 12,” say the organisers. Anybody who wants a seat on the bus should email a booking request to mmckzn@mweb.co.za.

There will be a coffee stall selling coffee, croissants and muffins as well as a meat stand that will selling hamburgers and borrie rolls, cooldrinks and ice

The main weekend speakers are  Simon Hemsley (His People Church, Pinetown), Otto Clasen (Dutch Reformed Church, Warmbad), Mondi Myeza (KwaDabeka and KwaCare), and Jane Curle (His People), the first woman speaker at an MMC.

An innovation this year is the Saturday morning Mighty Laaities event, which the organisers say is basically a children’s version of Mighty Men. An announcement is also expected soon on a MMC Family Conference in March 2014.

In a message to men coming to the MMC, host Pieter le Grange writes: “We are living in a very chaotic world, filled with lawlessness and ungodliness, where individual lives and families are torn apart and damaged, kids are out of control and injustice is ruling. We as humans are failing so badly and will continue to because we have lost sight and let go of God and His methods and adapted and adopted our own, and the things are just getting worse, and will continue to as the majority stuck in the chaos are fighting just to keep there own heads above the water unable to help anyone else drowning, something needs to shift.

“So where does recovery start? We are coming back to God and dealing with where the issue began, and coming back to the change begins with you and obedience to God’s word. This year [the theme] ‘Man in the mirror’ will look inwardly and encourage and strengthen men to start changing what they reflect, to be more like Jesus. Get that image right and the world around us will change.”

‘Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like.’ — James 1:23-24.

“It starts with taking responsibility and searching inward, coming to true repentance. We believe that God’s going to address the heart of the problem and are very excited to see lives change as men realise who God wants them to be and that they are the solution if they reflect more of Him than them.”

He urged men to “come humbly, open minded to apply and to be a part of the fix. We are looking forward to seeing old and new faces and seeing God move mightily for each and every person.”


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