Mighty miracles in beautiful India!! — Lindy-Ann Hopley

A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international evangelist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

When God moves, He moves MIGHTILY! We had a fantastic start this month PROCLAIMING the name of Jesus and I felt the calling for revival even stronger than before!


I was so excited to receive an invitation to go back to India this year!!! Not just one but many! So privileged to be able to impact this beautiful and colourful nation with a message of hope, healing and salvation — Jesus!

How it came about…

The India trip started off with radical favour, somehow there was a glitch in the system and even though we emailed them, we ended up not having to pay for the visa! God went before us and made a way! Wow — That was a perfect start to an amazing journey.

First, I was invited by a bishop, who has organised crusades for Cfan and others, to do a three-day crusade in Warangal — 3hours drive from Hyderabad. Once the word got out many more invitations came through from some of the wonderful pastors and people I met during my last trip to India in 2017!

One of these was Ps Raman Hans near Chandigarh in Punjab. He invited me for a two-day crusade. The town their church is in – as Jerusalem is to Jews and Mecca is to Muslims — it is for Sikhs. A spiritual high place. There are 38 Sikh temples and 1 Christian church — theirs. They have a massive following, over 6000 people attend their church on a weekly basis, with 108k subscriptions on Youtube — thousands watch their broadcasts in India and around the world!! This was truly a divine appointment.

Then upon attending Healing School meeting in Johannesburg, word got out that I was going to India soon. There were many pastors from India attending and suddenly I was bombarded with business cards and invitations.

One such Pastor was a woman of God (a rare thing in India) Ps Kanchan Mittal. She is well known in India, has a powerful deliverance ministry and also seats a good 5 000 people on a Sunday! With limited English, she approached me: “You preach my church”.

When she heard I was coming to the Chandigarh area, she smiled broadly — it is but 2 hours from her church! “I pick you from airport.” Before I knew it I was one of the only guest speakers they had ever invited onto their pulpit to preach! And I had pyjama parties with her till early hours of the morning talking about Jesus.

Pune — Another pastor approached me at the conference, but it seemed a bit difficult to get to them – it would be another flight costing an extra R4 000 which I would have to pay and I would have to extend my international trip by a day. All that for about 150 people. I wasn’t too sure but before I knew it, it was booked!

What God did was off the charts! The power of the Gospel was on display as it was in the book of Acts!

The trip

Easter in Hyderbad

On my arrival I was picked up from the airport by Ps Vijay Paul, who took me to meet my hosts –  an incredible couple! The woman has her own ministry, doing amazing work in her community. She has taken in about 150 kids out of the slums and given them a home. Her husband is the coordinator for Joyce Meyer Ministries in India — what a force they are together working for the expansion of the Kingdom. I visited her orphanage and had a chance to preach to all the beautiful little children, God’s gift to us all. Tiny little kids listening with open hearts.

There were kids with headaches, knees that were in pain and more — all healed! One of the little girls had partial hearing. I prayed for her and asked her friend to come to the front and whisper in her ear –deafness healed!!!!

I loved how the little kids prayed and gave their hearts to Jesus! Such an amazing moment!

Hindu lady receives freedom and salvation

One lady attending was Hindu. She was being tormented by the spirit of suicide. She was radically delivered and gave her life to Jesus!

Passover in India

Preached in 3 churches on Sunday.

On Easter Sunday we had meetings in a tent church. Wow, what the Lord did was simply phenomenal. People came from everywhere in the area, even people from different religions as they heard that there would be healings and miracles. I was preaching about the resurrection and there were two Hindu ladies that came into the meeting, who both got radically touched and healed by God! Both gave their lives to Jesus and one came up and testified about what God had just done for her!!

Jesus is the way!   

At the second meeting, they had a beautiful poster outside welcoming me!!! The place was packed! As I started praying for salvation the fire and presence of God filled the entire building and people started shaking and breaking out in tongues for the first time. Many people in India have never seen a miracle and it was so great being able to share about the resurrection power of Jesus and that we all have it inside of us! There was an outpouring out of the Holy Spirit and deliverance!!

The third meeting was incredible!!! We arrived an hour and a half late, true India style. But as I came in I saw a cripple man in a wheelchair. I knew that God was going to do a mighty miracle in our midst.

I asked them to bring up the man. Daniel had been paralysed for 5 years. His feet were crippled and his legs couldn’t bend but I continued to focus on the resurrection power of Jesus.

A Resurrection Day miracle.

I prayed and laid hands on the man and said: “In the name of Jesus Christ get up and walk! ” and Daniel got up and out of his wheelchair and started to walk! A mustard seed of faith reaps living waters and abundant LIFE. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead gave this man a new life! Wow, he was so overwhelmed that he wept and could barely speak. He had not been able to get up for five years! I had so much thanksgiving in my heart to Jesus, our healer!

Watch it here and experience the  POWER OF PRAYER!!!

Tumour gone, pain disappeared!

We then drove three hours to the Warangal area. Our big crusade meetings were denied by the police, due to elections and the Sri Lanka bombing. So we had lots of last-minute smaller meetings.

One was a  small meeting outside a church in the street. God did wonders! People came to the meeting with pain, blind eyes, numbness in their legs and more!

One man was completely drunk and fell on the carpet as everyone shushed him and told him to sit. I told the audience: “That used to be me.” As I started to share the Gospel, the drunk man rose to his feet and fell down prostrate in front of me. His wife joined him –  the two of them weeping – as they surrendered all to the King!

We visited another orphanage. In the book of Romans it says you are no longer an orphan – you have been adopted into the family of God!

One of the ladies who attended one of our meetings had a breast tumour accompanied by a lot of pain in her body. She was touched by God’s healing power during prayer and the tumour and pain completely dissolved! Everyone went crazy! Wow!

We had another lady who was completely blind in her one eye. Miracle — she received her sight. I asked her to close her good eye. “Can you tell me how many fingers I’m holding up?” — “Two fingers” she shouted in amazement. Glory to God!!!

I also got to address pastors — many of them are not seeing the gifts flow in their churches. It was a powerful time of equipping and impartation!

Thousands saved — including Sikhs and Hindus

Next stop was a flight away — to join Ps Kanchan Mittal. I was taken in immediately as a daughter. She sent someone in her team to buy me Indian clothes and lent me some of her own favourite dresses to wear — so fun! Women of God doing Kindgdom together. The meeting was powerful! It was live-streamed on their pages – MUST WATCH! I don’t think I have ever seen deliverance like that before! She knows who she is and who her Daddy is! Gentle as a dove when you speak to her one on one. Loved my time there! I received so much! Deliverance was next-level in my ministry after Holy Ghost fire!

Off to famous Sikh high place

Saturday night was a smaller meeting, but incredibly anointed! People were weeping in the presence of God! Healings broke out everywhere! Sikhs attended and were transformed!

Sunday morning thousands attended church! Before preaching I was invited to sing with Ps Shamey — his songs have millions of views on YouTube! Then I took the microphone and preached on RIVERS OF LIVING WATER — power hit the place – the Holy Spirit fell and the altar lined up with people sharing testimonies! Healed healed healed!!!

Demons flee in the presence of God

From there I flew to Pune. My last meeting (or so I thought) and it blew everyone away including myself!

Demons started manifesting while I was preaching and they were demolished in the mighty name of Jesus!!!! All evil spirits cast out and sickness dissolved like it was nothing compared to the power of Jesus! Also a man who was born completely deaf in one ear was healed!! A lady who had a growth in her arm for 30 years with pain — healed! Many gave their lives to Jesus. What a glorious evening. I will never forget this amazing experience! I am already booked for a 5 000 youth conference in 2019.

Then to top it all off, I ended up at a pastors and evangelists meeting just before flying out – specially arranged by a pastor who attended my meeting the night before! This pastor was also in Johannesburg — he himself had been raised from the dead and loved what God was doing through me. The meeting was fire! The anointing was so thick I waved my hand and people went flying under the Spirit! Hallelujah!

What an incredible way to end off the trip!

India will never be the same again! All glory and all honourand all power to our God!!!!

A few other things that took place in South Africa…

“I AM BW” — a global youth movement, Cape Town, SA

Just a quick update on our schools project. We visit a high school in Parow this month. Electric atmosphere!!! Even before the programme started I met with some of the teachers and God healed a teacher who has been struggling with pain in her foot for years. She testified on stage and the kids all shouted: “Whoohoo!!!”

There was a boy who had crutches and was in so much pain, he couldn’t walk on his foot at all. I called him up on stage and asked him what was his pain level… 8/10 he said. “I can’t walk on my foot” The kids had never seen a miracle but everyone was so excited to see what was going to happen, they were standing up and on chairs to be able to see. I called a fellow classmate on stage and we prayed for him — He stood without his crutches, all his pain gone and walked off the stage without having to use his crutches. You can only imagine how the kids reacted!!! Shouting in complete awe — it was such an inspiring moment.

I prayed over the crowd of students and one-by-one kids got up to say “My pain is also gone” — Necks, arms, legs, stomachs – All gone!!!! An entire school of more than 1 000 kids made a choice for Jesus right afterwards!!! Thank you Lord!

This Global Youth Movement is impacting the a new generation! I am so excited to see what else God is going to do through this project. If you would like to connect or partner with us email us on iambw@beautifulwitness.com .

Power of His Might Healing Meeting, Johannesburg, SA

I received an invitation from my good friend Juan to come and share with his cell group in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. This small community cell group is growing by the day — what a privilege to have ministered there.

An elderly lady who was deaf in one ear and partially deaf in her other ear, received a miracle — she could hear clearly for the first time in years! Her pain was also gone!!! On top of that, she came to the meeting in a wheelchair due to osteoporosis and she walked out of the meeting afterwards!

Watch this clip with more testimonies and all the amazing things God did there…


  1. How wonderful to read of what God is doing through this beautiful young obedient woman. Truly Lindy Ann you bring honour and glory to your/our King.

  2. Unbelievable but true,the mighty wonders of His grace,the price being payed on the cross,just except Jesus into your live for a peace unspeakable..Bless this willing vessel Dear Lord Jesus !!