‘Miracle recovery’ follows unusual ‘prayer chain’

Cape Town ambulance personnel bringing Dr Fay Nqoloba home from hospital on Good Friday (April 7)

Resolute prayer warrior Dr Fay Nqoloba, 72, surprised doctors and her 10 children early last year when she hosted a major “prayer connect” just months after facing a serious case of Covid 19 and a diagnosis of incurable and aggressive cancer.

In March this year her children were once again confronted with alarming health news when ‘Ma Fay’ was admitted to a Cape Town hospital as a result of urinary infection complications. She was in great pain, unable to walk, confused, unable to speak coherently and not eating, and after carrying out a number of tests on her, doctors said they were certain she was dying.

After three weeks, on Good Friday, she was sent home with 24-hour nursing care. But within two weeks of her discharge — in a development which her doctors describe as “a miracle” — she was up and walking again, as well as talking and eating.

Thandy Mkhambi, one of her children, told Gateway News about some notable developments that preceded her mom’s “miracle” recovery.

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A photo taken in March 2022, showing Dr Fay Nqoloba, centre foreground, with speakers who participated last in the 10th prayer connect event she has organised in which she assembles prayer warriors, intercessors and speakers to confront various “giants” which are oppressing people. At the time she had been undergoing chemotherapy

Thandy, who lives in George, said that she travelled to Cape Town to settle her mom in her home after she was released from hospital.

During that settling-in Easter Weekend at her mom’s home she tried to converse with her, but Ma Fay could not talk and seemed confused.

As talking seemed to be a dead end, Thandy decided on another approach. She said: “So, I would start praise and worship. I’d just start singing and she would sing. She would sing beautifully and she would follow with all of us as she sang.

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“And then we’d start praying and she also prayed. And when she was praying, she would be completely, absolutely coherent, full faculties, able to string sentences together. But once the prayer is over, she can barely recognise us.

“So I just took note of that — that the only time she was comfortable and coherent was when we were praising the Lord, when we were praying, when we were spending time in His presence.

“So, then I tried to make sure that we did more of that. And I even told people who came to visit her, not to actually spend a lot of time trying to converse with her about ordinary, everyday things, but to rather just let her know that: ‘Hey Ma Fay, I’m here for you. I’m sorry you’re going through what you’re going through. God is still our healer. God is still our provider. We stand on Him. Let’s pray.’ And then just encourage prayer. Because I felt like that’s the thing that was needed at the time.

“So that’s what started to happen — almost like a prayer chain of sorts, where people would come visit Mom and we would pray through.”

And throughout this “prayer chain” time Ma Fay started to recover.

In a telephone conversation this week, Dr Fay, told Gateway News that a few days before she was discharged from hospital she had a vision in which she saw white smoke and then found herself seated among angels, as she listened to a voice which she believed was from God.

She said during the encounter she learned about God’s deep concerns regarding men, children, schools and education, marriages, the Church, His people not knowing Him, and unity.

She also shared that when her 92-year-old mother, Nomomde Ngubane, who lives in KwaZulu-Natal, heard she was in hospital, and not expected to live, she had said this was not Ma Fay’s time to die but time to receive a spiritual upgrade.

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  1. What a WONDERFUL Testimony! GOD is deeply concerned about many thi gs… The Church, and people not knowing him, and unity, among so many concerns….