Mission of prayer, unity to Senekal

At 4am on Wednesday a group of six people prayed together and shared communion at Irene Mall, Pretoria before setting out on a 340km journey to Senekal on a mission to pray and display unity in the Eastern Free State town where tension has been running high after a protest by farmers against farm murders turned violent last week.

The group included five members of Dare to Love Ministries — Daryl Hardy, Frikkie Du Plessis, Martin Ferreira, Francis Kumwenda and Martin Peters –and Pearl Kupe, an attorney and marketplace Christian leader.

On the way to Senekal

“Our first stop was Kroonstad where we stopped for coffee and put up signs of love and unity in the area,” said Kupe, who sent Gateway News a short report, photos and video clips of their “absolutely amazing day in Senekal” where they joined with local Christians who gathered at the showgrounds in the afternoon to call on God to heal South Africa and unite its people.

“We distributed Bibles, potatoes and food along the way and people were prayed for and led to the Lord,” she said.

“We prayed as we entered the gates of Senekal and also went to the four corners and gates of Senekal (East, West, North and South gates) declaring Psalm 24:7, speaking to the gates and everlasting doors of Senekal to let the King of Glory come in and worshipping God.”

Pastors praying at the prayer meeting at the stadium in the Senekal showground on Wednesday afternoon (PHOTO: Alex Mitchley/News 24)

From 1pm to 2.30 pm the team from Pretoria joined about 150 people from different local churches at a prayer meeting at the stadium in the Senekal showground. The impassioned gathering was convened by Pastor John Mathuhle of CRC (Senekal branch) and Pastor Stefan Coetzee.

“Pastors prayed for unity, love and revival and condemned division, strife, hatred and racism,” said Kupe.

β€œPeople say that a war is going to start in Senekal, but I’m here to tell you today that revival is going to start in Senekal,” said Pastor Hendrik de Beer, reports Times Live.

Statements by EFF leader Julius Malema that he and his “ground forces” plan to hold a protest rally in Senekal on Friday where two men charged with the murder of farm manager Brendin Horner, 21 are due to appear in the Magistrate’s Court, have heightened fears of more violence in the town. Last week’s rampage by farmers took place at the time of the men’s last court appearance.

The Pretoria mission group visited the Magistrate’s Court where they prayed Psalm 97:2 and for righteousness and justice, said Kupe. They also put up banners of peace, love and unity at the court and in surrounding areas.

“Lastly, we prayed for the police and were invited in by the station commander to pray and present 80 bibles to her staff members.
On leaving , we prayed over the Vaal River and put up banners of unity and love,” she said.

Supporting the police at Senekal


  1. Lee-Ann Viljoen

    We glorify and praise the Name of the Lord our God for what He is doing in Senekal! How significant a time for SA… a nation united under the Name of Jesus, born in a moment which was planned for destruction and painful division, but destined to glorify the Holy Name of the Lord our God and REVIVAL. Hallelujah

  2. Glory be to God to have selfless servants and fearless servants. Our country could transform & unite if we had such servants. May the Lord protect, preserve and manifest in every area of their life.

  3. Ons bid saam. We are praying with for peace and our vulnerable farmers, black and white, on large tracts of land. They and their families are precious to us. Attacks against our food producers are attacks against South Aftica’s stability.

  4. Suzette van Rooyen

    What an incredible example so many people have set regarding the “Senekal” situation. They applied the spiritual principle of going in the opposite spirit to defuse the plans of the enemy. Thank you Jesus for these brave men and women.

  5. God has His hand on SA I pray for all the brave men and women who are led by His Spirit and standing up to the forces of evil

  6. Sekgabo Regina mogapi

    We are really proud of you mama pearl. We pry for your strength. May the almighty richly bless you Next time ga ke sale. Struuu. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•