Mogoeng speaking to nation about God’s plans for his next season

Apostle Linda Gobodo and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng at a recent Healing the Nation of Africa gathering in Mahikeng

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng whose 10 year term as the head of South Africa’s judiciary comes to an end on October 11 is embarking on a series of public meetings to share on what God has called him to do in the next season of his life

The first meetings will be in Vosloosrus on Wednesday next week and in Garankua the next day. Both meetings will be at 11am and will also be streamed on Facebook and Youtube at HealingthenationofAfrica.

Other confirmed meeting dates are October 21 in Cape Town, November 7 in the Northern Cape, November 18 in Port Elizabeth, November 20 in Mthatha and November 25 in Standerton, Mpumalanga. Other dates and locations are still being finalised, says Apostle Linda Gobodo of Healing the Nation of Africa.

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Mogoeng’s bold Christian faith put a target on him from the moment he was nominated for the highest judicial position in the land and he would be the first to agree that his appointment was a miracle. In fact he courted criticism and ridicule during his nomination hearing when he said he believed God wanted him to become chief justice.

Mogoeng went on to become the nation’s longest-serving chief justice, weathering criticism, controversy and attacks arising from his transparent faith. He stirred courage in the hearts of many Christians through his personal example and his repeated call to Christ followers to refuse to be bullied into silence as the Constitution upholds the right of every South African citizen to speak out and live out their faith.

He is a great champion of fervent, faith-filled prayer — especially for revival and reformation in South Africa –and in April last year he accepted a call to lead the Healing the Nation of Africa campaign.

He is regarded by many Christians as a David figure who is called to play a role in the deliverance of SA from the grip of goliaths which are hindering it from fulfilling its divine destiny as a righteous nation and catalyst for revival and reformation on the continent.

And in a prophetic word released last Sunday, Prophetess Jane Hamon of the USA, said God has appointed him to be a Daniel who is anointed to pray and release righteous decrees.


  1. Mosalaesi Simon Gaobusiwe

    I really thank God to give us a powerful man of God like Prohet Mogoeng Mogoeng to heal Africa as God has appointed him. I am so very thankful for the work he is doing.

  2. Indeed. A God ordained leader. Leaders of his caliber are needed to fill the leadership gap in our generation.

    I see him uniting this country but redding out the corrupt leadership we have. I pray for the day when all Christian Political Parties in this country united(merge) and voice one voice in this country for us to experience our Canaan. #CHRISTIANS WAKE UP AND VOTE FOR ONE CHRISTIAN PARTY.

  3. Mandlakazi Jama

    What time and venue in PE

  4. Vuyiseka Njengele

    What venue and times in Mthatha

  5. My earnest prayer will be that the Lord our God in Jesus Christ, will surround you and protect you, and give you all the wisdom and strength to uphold you in this new important position for our country. May you be continually aware of His Council and Mighty Hand upon you, guiding and instructing you and Bless you all of your days!


  7. Will want to attend the Cape Town event the 22 October. We are from Mossel Bay

  8. Dr Glynn Goedhart

    I pray for this mighty man of God daily, for strength, protection and blessing as he sets the example for believers and leaders. God bless you, Mogoeng Mogoeng!

  9. Josephine Baholo

    Justice Mogoeng you are a blessing from the Lord.

  10. Petrus Makgahlela

    This is a man of God that represent Christian values that has to be supported in his endeavours for God purpose about his life

  11. Be highly blessed and be highly protected servant of God.

  12. Can the Chief Justice be the one that thr lord choose to be our next President.

  13. I truly admire and salute this mighty warrior of God .May God use him in a mighty and powerful way in this next chapter of his life .🙏

  14. Remain a warrior and standing with GOD’s people. Thank you for your courage and fortitude in these times of Christian questioning and attack from the occult. JESUS has won the battle. HE is our shield of salvation.

  15. May god lead and protect you in jesas name

  16. Yes, we are glad that SA has had a Chief Justice with integrity and moral character. There are only two criteria for any job anywhere at any time: “Competence and Character”. CJ Mogoeng demonstrated BOTH these criteria. May we have more people like him! But he was human too, and spoke his own opinions about the Covid-19 vaccine possibly being the Mark of the Beast. This soiled his reputation, help spread the virus, and harmed the reputation of King Jesus. We pray he will learn to distinguish between his personal ideas and the Word of God as he launches his new calling to preach and extend the Kingdom of God! It is a great calling, with wide influence.