WATCH: God raising reformers to usher in season of awakening in SA — Jane Hamon

Jane Hamon releases a word for South Africa (PHOTO: YouTube)

God is setting up South Africa for a great awakening so that she can arise as a land of justice,
diversity, strength, wealth creation and global influence, said US prophetess Jane Hamon of the US in a word for SA released last Sunday.

But there are demonic and human forces who are stirring up chaos and SA is at a tipping point where God is looking for reformers and peacemakers to rise up in the midst of multiple storms in the nation, she said in a Zoom call that was hosted by Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth and attended by a number of South African and African church leaders and Christian marketplace leaders, including Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and ACDP MPs Kenneth Meshoe and Steve Swart.

Hamon drew extensively from Isaiah 60 and other Bible passages which she said God had highlighted as she sought His heart for SA. Referring to different types of storms mentioned in the Bible she said the 14-day storm at sea (Acts 27, 28) which struck when the apostle Paul was headed for Rome to face a trial is particularly relevant to SA. It is a storm which lasts longer than expected — like Covid. It threatens on multiple fronts — like shipwreck, an attempt by soliders to kill him and being bitten by a deadly snake in Paul’s case.

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But, she said God wants His people to learn lessons in the storm — to move from survival to revival. Paul survived all the attacks and after he shook off the snake he led a revival of healing on the island where they sheltered.

She said the coming awakening was not just for the benefit of SA but for Africa and other nations. The Lord is standing ready with angel armies to intervene in the battle over SA’s destiny through the prayers of His remnant army, she said.

She said the Holy Spirit is saying it is a time for leaders in SA to truly understand how to fight for peace — “a peace that comes when you destroy the authority of chaos”.

God is raising up Daniels, Josephs, Esthers and Deborahs in the Church, in government and in business to speak to the storms to bring awakening, said Hamon.

Part of the current warfare is a battle over the narrative. God wants to release a narrative of hope that stirs faith in people’s hearts, she said. And she said God is raising up reformers and anointing them with wisdom and revelation to speak His purposes and solutions to the chaos, confusion and violence that the enemy is driving.

She said he heard the Lord say it is going to be important for some leaders to write down some prayer points on which their is agreement so that that they can be decreed over the nation in unity. It is time to declare God’s prophecies over SA.

“If you’ll decree the promises of God then you’re going to see Heaven come down and begin to shift your nation,” she said.

Hamon prophesied over a number of leaders on the call, including Mogoeng who she said God has appointed as a Daniel who is anointed to pray and release righteous decrees, and Meshoe, who he said would be used in bringing freedom in the nation.


  1. Awesome well written article, capturing the essence of the message. It was certainly a message like no other. Really powe-packed with an activation atmosphere for those who tap in and are postured to see it the best for the nation.

  2. God said go n make disciples, teaching them all he commanded n He’ll be with us to the end.
    God has NEVER saved a nation. Localized revivals yes, bringing salvation to individuals.
    His chosen nation has lived a life of hrll since Jacob n his 12 sons. A few good kings for a short time. ALL leaders in EVERY nation chosen by God. Even the Caesars in our Lords time a the Jewish were suffering under them.
    Gods answer is the gospel nmaking disciples, NOTHING else. God doesn’t fight the devil. One little puff from Him n the devil n ALL his demon gang are history. Sin in our lives is our biggest enemy., not the devil, he just stirs it up.
    Christians, study the Bible, pray His will like never before, His will, not what you’d like to see , guard you minds n go make disciples.
    I’ve run out of stones for these so called prophets the last 5 years. They prophesy what they would like to see.