More than 1 000 surrender their hearts to Jesus at KMMC

Men responding to God in their tens of thousands at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference near Middelburg at the weekend. (PHOTO: Dave Stott).

Although it is still difficult to put into words what an incredible weekend the Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2015 was, with more than a thousand people giving their hearts to Jesus, many baptised in water, hundreds baptised in the Holy Spirit, and thousands of ordinary Christians inspired and empowered to do extraordinary things for God, it is true to say the event was life changing.

“We had prayed for a God-event that would transform all of our lives, and God certainly did that,” says Dave Turner, who coordinated the KMMC 40 Days of Prayer Intercession team and is part of the conference organising committee.

“A major shift”
“A major shift occurred in the heavenly realm and in our lives — our personal, family, community, city and national lives will reverberate with the consequences thereof into eternity,” says Turner.

Jannie Moolman, coordinator of the event and owner of the farm on which the conference is hosted says one of the high-points of the event was having Angus Buchan back at KMMC, to lead the Sunday morning family session, because he is the Mighty Men spiritual father and founder, who listens closely to the voice of God and extends His word clearly, without compromise.

“Oom Angus’ commitment to do God’s will, no matter the price, is a great inspiration. He is dedicated to winning souls for God’s Kingdom. The fire in his heart always inspires us.

“He attended KMMC 2015 even though he had to squeeze the visit into a very busy schedule, having to leave the next day to a youth gathering at Newlands in Cape Town and fly to the US the day after for another crusade.

“However, he enjoyed being back in the Karoo in fellowship with mighty men again, challenging us to lead the nation by turning back to God, imitating Christ and assuming our rightful roles as prophets, priests and kings in our homes, because the family is the basic building block of the nation,” says Moolman.

KMMC 2015 coordinator Jannie Moolman and Angus Buchan on the platform. (PHOTO: Rob Southey).

All speakers emphasised the importance for men, when they return home after KMMC 2015, to be the husbands, fathers, family members and neighbours that God intended them to be and to apply what they had learned over the weekend.

The success of this core message is reflected in the many acknowledgments received of marriages, and relationships being healed.

Danie Kruger, one of the KMMC intercessors, is a living testimony of how successful the emphasis on reconciliation is at the event.

Kruger took his son, Daniel, with him to the conference for the first time.

“He is 22 now and my wife describes him as our ‘wild horse’,” says Kruger.

“As I prayed every day with the KMMC intercession team for the event so did I pray that my son would be touched by God and invite the Holy Spirit into his life,” he adds.

Kruger says on the Friday night of KMMC at around 10pm he was just about to go to bed when Daniel came into the tent and asked him to walk with him to the white cross on the hill.

“I did it and when we got there my son laid hands on me and prayed for me. What an awesome feeling if you are concerned about your own child’s spiritual wellbeing and God touches him so mightily.

“There is a fire burning inside this young man.”

Worshiping under an open heaven. (PHOTO: Dave Stott).

Kruger says when they drove home they first dropped-off a friend at his home in PE and after leaving they were approached by a beggar at a traffic light.

“I signalled the guy that I had nothing to give him but as I started pulling away my son stopped me, jumped out and gave the guy one of the Xhosa bibles he got at the prayer tent.

When we got back to our farm my farm worker saw us pulling in and came up from his house to greet us.

“Before my son even greeted his mother he went with another Xhosa Bible to my worker and started praying for him. My farm worker was in tears and could not stop praising the Lord for a long time.

“When I look at the transformation in my child all the hard work and thousands of prayers all were worth it.

“Bless you, oom Angus and all men and women that made this possible. Amen,” says Danie.

Massive growth
Moolman says while the focus is not on numbers, but rather on souls saved, it is encouraging that there were 60% more people than last year with 10 400 vehicles leaving after Sunday’s service, which translates to between 30 000 and 35 000 people.

Turner says that although they do not know the impact that intercession had in making KMMC 2015 the weekend event that it was, the feedback from all directions is that people could sense that every aspect of the conference was soaked in a foundation of prayer.

“Uncle Angus asked me to specially convey his thanks and commendation to each one of the intercession team.

“He said he knows very clearly when there is an open heaven, and that there certainly was an open heaven as he preached.”

30 000 men and a tent town on the Karoo veld. (PHOTO: Riaan Janse van Vuuren).

Moolman confirms Turner’s testimony: “When Angus arrived on Sunday morning he said that he could feel in his spirit how thoroughly the ground for KMMC had been prepared in prayer.

Holy ground
“This was again confirmed by a number of testimonies from visitors to KMMC 2015 who said that as soon as they set foot on the KMMC site they felt they were walking on holy ground.

“The extent of the intercession is evident in the fact that even though the conference is finished the intercession continues for the souls who were saved and the relationships reconciled at the conference, for which we are grateful to the hundreds of ntercession team members from all over the country,” says Moolman.

The KMMC intercession team numbered 400 intercessors country-wide who did the intercessor training and then the 40 Days of Prayer for the event. Quite a number of these intercessors were forwarding Turner’s daily intercession updates to their own intercessor groups, so the impact multiplied further.

“We had 56 people who were part of the KMMC 24/7 Intercession group, who prayed non-stop for 21 days (504 hours, 168 three hour shifts),” says Turner.

It was a life changing weekend on many levels for the men who attended KMMC 2015. (PHOTO: Dave Stott).

“The coordination and communication via whatsapp provided such a synergy that we all grew so much in prayer, in faith and in expectation.

“Furthermore, the intercession team that prayed over the course of the weekend had a huge impact on how problems and crises that arose were handled, which was confirmed by Riaan Janse Van Vuuren, safety officer at KMMC,” says Turner.

He explains that although KMMC is over and the prayer actions completed, intercession is continuing to counter and overcome the backlash faced by many immediately after such a weekend as Satan tries to reverse what God has done.

Turner says intercessors are praying for the following:

* That all those that attended KMMC will obey and put into practice what God imparted into their lives — that all who attended the conference will be not only hearers, but doers of the Word.

* That every person that attended KMMC, as a living stone, will be built into a family of believers somewhere to be discipled to maturity, and that church leaders will be diligent about ensuring this net is spread wide so that none fall through the cracks.

  • That men will mature in their relationships at every level – with wives, children, families, churches, businesses/work, and communities — that they would have abundant grace to grow these relationships to the next level.
  • That as the men begin to see things from God’s vantage point, He will birth His will in ideas and vision to them; that the men will not run ahead of God and that they would do God’s work, in His WAY and in His TIME.

Overwhelming gratitude
Moolman says the overwhelming feeling among KMMC organising committee members after the close of KMMC 2015 is one of gratitude to be part of the event and to be able to hold it in the Karoo. 

He points out that although the organising committee is only made-up of 12 core members there are actually hundreds of extended members from all over the country who volunteer to help in many different capacities, without whom the event would not be as successful or run as smoothly. 

At every stage the KMMC 2015 was soaked in prayer, and even now prayers are being lifted for those who yielded to Jesus at the event. (PHOTO: Rob Southey).

“While the KMMC family home is here in the Karoo the members of our family live all over the country, in Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Johannesburg and every town in between for whom we have a deep debt of gratitude. 

“Oom Angus echoed the organising committee’s sentiment when he asked me after the conference: ‘Son, in your wildest dreams, did you ever think this was possible’ and as a committee the manner in which KMMC has grown and developed relationships with people all over the country has certainly exceeded our ‘wildest dreams’. 

“However, we know that with God all things are possible, but that in our own efforts this would have been impossible, it is only by the grace of God that people’s lives are transformed at KMMC and that the event has grown to such an extent, even though many people experience it as being in the middle of nowhere.

“We serve an awesome God,” says Moolman.


  1. Congratulations to all at Karoo for an amazing gathering there. Now let us all rally around the Mighty Men in the Western Cape and Welkom and help them gather the men to the ranks of the army of Jesus Christ.

  2. The souls and the spirits of the people attending seems to Honuor our God and God alone,
    My request is that that spirit will be dessimanated to the places we work and live within so that farmers and diligent working- class heroes can stop this hatred towards their workers and employees and realize that there are no other than Black or White souls and we all need redemption parr extreme

  3. Thank you and congratulations to Jannie and all in the organising team – it was an awesome weekend spiritually and superbly managed, practically. And my estimate of 20 000 men was out by 50 to 75% !!
    Thanks again and God bless,
    Tony (Cape Town)

  4. I’am blessed to have been for a third year in a row, the sunday service I was reminded by a song been sung that this is where my life had changed it drove me to tears to think that this is the place where I met up with my Savior , 27th of april 2013 (freedom day,and man what a “freedom” it has been.AMEN !! THANKS TO MY FRIENDS FAMILY AND KAROO MIGHTY MEN.

  5. Been to all the conferences so far,but the first with one of my sons. Wow,what as big difference. During Jannie’s talk,we were both touched by Our Lord. We didn’t have a problem before but it just brought us so close to each other. Jannie knows what he is talking about from experience,I knew his father and mother well,I used to stay with them periodically as I was the milk recorder in those days. His dad was something else !!! I also had to pray for my father’s blessing,my dad was a free mason,and was not into all this charismatic stuff !!
    But as usual,The Lord surprised me incredibly by me receiving my dad’s blessing ,and I got the first physical hug in my life from him. I was about 65 years old then !!
    God Bless and well done.

  6. It was my first time to attend KMMC and I had the honour to take my son with. What an awesome experience it was for my son and I to reconcile and together give praise to God. As man I had tears of joy plenty of times. Thank you to the organizers for your obedient hearts. God came and touched my life and for the first time ever I experience the Love of God in such an awesome way. Thank you Jesus

  7. Can you please give credit to the correct photographer. The fourth pboto was NOT taken by Deon de Jager, but by me as indicated on the photo. Please correct in writing

  8. I echo the comments and sentiments shared by the previous commentators. I was a bit busy behind the scenes and could not always finish listening to all the sermons, but i felt the impact and had to stop the tears from welling up inside me from time to time. We will not only make this event bigger and better by the Grace and Power of our God, but through God this movement will change this country and this world and turn it back to God. AMEN!!

  9. It was my first time at Mighty Men and I was not dissapointed.
    To hear 35,000 Mighty Men singing Loof Hom met die tromme, loof Hom met die harp etc
    was absolutely AWESOME.An old song like that which I have’nt heard in many, many years just sounded soooo different.THANK YOU JESUS

  10. Marcél de Villiers

    Please pray for Mpumalanga Men’s Conference 8-10 May. THIS WEEKEND! More info on Middelburg4Jesus facebook. Blessings.

    • May it be a truly blessed camp! Please let the organisers know they are welcome to contact me next time — I would love to promote the camp through news reports. They are also welcome to share any testimonies after the weekend. — Editor

  11. It was my first conference…..the impact on my life was tremendous. I had given my heart to Jesus a long time ago and like so many drifted away. I went to KMMC with the sole purpose to reconnect. The atmosphere was absolutely electric! !! Mission accomplished! !! Thank the Lord I was in TIME!!

  12. I can testify that me and my son where blessed and reconsiled after many years and that God has touched us both in a new way. Thank God for my son I love him so much.

  13. willie van heerden

    Wat n wonderlike naweek om saam met mede gelowiges bymekaar te wees en om Jesus ons koning. Verlosser by ons te he om saam Hom te dien en eer.My hart 100 persent aan hom gegee. Wat n vooreg om n Christen te wees. En om Jesus in my hart te he.

  14. Oom Angus spoke of a worldwide revival, well if this is it, who wouldent want to be part of it – this is the strength, abundance and peace that Jesus promised us. Thank you Lord.

  15. MMC 2015 het my lewe verander
    wonderik om n Christen te wees
    n Jesus as my Koning sien julle volgend jaar.

  16. Was vir my die wonderlikste naweek ooit met my 2 seuns saam my by kmmc 2015 dankie