More than 400 Fulani tribesmen convert to Christianity

Fulani converts
More than 400 persons of Fulani ethnicity across Nigeria have converted to Christianity (PHOTO: Daily Post).

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A Christian pastor in Nigeria claims that more than 400 Fulani have converted to Christianity and that seven have been ordained as ministers.

The claim was made at the end of a three day conference that was organised specifically for Fulani converts. The Fulani are a nomadic tribe that are predominantly Muslim, and many of them are militant.

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They have clashed increasingly with pastoralist Christians who are native to regions of northern Nigeria as the Fulani search for grazing land for their cattle. Hundreds of Christians have reportedly died in attacks by Fulani militants since 2016.

Rev Copper Sebok in charge of COCIN Church Panyam, Plateau State, made the disclosure on Sunday at the end of a 3-day conference organised for all Fulani converts of all denominations nationwide, reports Daily Mail.

He urged the converts to preach the gospel of peace to their kindred in order to reduce the prevailing crises in the country.

Sebok said: “The conference is also a reunion service for all Fulani converts regardless of their denominations and to share experiences and encourage one another in the propagation of the gospel of peace.

“It is a concept of COCIN 43 years ago, and to debunk the notion that Fulani’s are nomadic and can’t be reached with the gospel of Christ.’’

In his sermon, the cleric said man must have compassion on the unsaved to draw them to Christ for eternal salvation.

He decried the level of crises in Nigeria which usually resulted to loss of lives and property, adding that Nigerians must embrace peace for the progress and development of the nation.

Rev Hassan Mohammed, who spoke on behalf of the converts, expressed gratitude to God for giving them a new lease of life as Christians.

He disclosed that the conference was an eye opener for them to go and proclaim the gospel not only to their kindred but to all nations.

“We have a total of seven Fulani people ordained reverends beside other pastors and evangelists and we are doing our best to enlighten our brothers and sisters about Christianity”.

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