More than 98 people turn to Jesus during big Satanic event!

Multiple Christian groups converged on Boston in an evangelistic effort in response to SatanCon. (PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images/Fox News)

Last weekend hundreds of people gathered in Boston, USA, for what was billed as the largest Satanic gathering in history” but things didn’t run according to plan — at least the devil’s plan — as nearly 100 people in the area around the venue surrendered their lives to Jesus during the event.

Christians from across America infiltrated The Satanic Temple’s SatanCon in Boston, where they met with and witnessed to atheists and satanists, while at the same time evangelistic teams shared the Gospel on the surrounding streets.

Lynn MacAskill, one of the regional leaders in Boston for Intercessors for America (IFA), was among the Christians at the event. She told The Christian Post: “We were told by several sources that Revive Boston and YWAM evangelists did record 98 salvations and at least 15 recommitments to the Lord among regular people during street evangelism,”

“Numerous Christians from several teams did minister to SatanCon attendees though, with some great stories, so seeds were definitely sown,” she added. “God really did move as we were able to be in the venue. Everyone was peaceful and polite, and we felt God gave us specific prayer assignments, especially on Sunday, that were powerful.” 

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MacAskill added, “There were many opportunities to show kindness and love to those attending in the name of Jesus.” During the months leading up to the event, an estimated half million Christians from across the United States prayed for the Christians who planned to attend the gathering.

“You could definitely tell a lot of prayer had gone before us due to the peaceful nature of interactions and openness of many, though definitely not all attendees, to dialogue with believers,” MacAskill said. The IFA Boston co-leader revealed that most of the attendees were “averse to being prayed for”.

“A lot of them had been raised Christian and had been hurt or oppressed by the church, so I think that’s something we as the Body of Christ need to learn from so as not to push people away from knowing Jesus,” she continued. “Several evangelists shared with me that although they were opposing the Church, many of them smiled or their eyes softened or even shed tears when they heard the name of Jesus and that He loved them.”

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Nevertheless, MacAskill believes “seeds were sown,” and now she charged believers to continue to show the love of Jesus to the world: “We need to be faithful to continue to pray that these seeds will be watered and that other Christians will be called to show the love of Jesus to these people wherever they call home.”

Kris Kubal, chief programme officer at IFA, told Fox News Digital: “Our approach was very different from what you may have seen on the news,” noting that those associated with her organisation were not the ones shouting and brandishing protest signs outside the hotel. “Our approach was to speak in love, and we were more interested in people being set free, not praying against them; having conversations, not shouting.”

Local ministers were also involved. In what was described as a spiritual “counter-offensive” to SatanCon 2023, revivalist D Jaymz Sideras, co-founder of ReviveBoston, and his wife Pascale scheduled a three-day revival in Boston during the same weekend.

Worship movement leader and activist Sean Feucht tweeted on Monday: “While they were ripping up pages of the Bible to kick off the largest Satanic gathering ever (SatanCon in Boston), over 98 attendees surrendered their lives to Jesus (verified!) from covert evangelists infiltrating the crowd,” Feucht posted.

In the end, Feucht said in an interview with CBN’s Faithwire,“God wins.” He encouraged Christians to have hope in the Gospel — and to spread that good news to others.

“Darkness is scared of light … and the thing about the Gospel is it does not back down during a pandemic, it doesn’t back down during a dark, hard, difficult time, it doesn’t back down to political polarization,” he said. “The kingdom of God advances and has been doing this for thousands of years.”

SatanCon was held to mark the 10th anniversary of the Temple Of Satan.

One SatanCon attendee told CBS Boston: “We’re just normal people. We just believe a little differently,” and said that “we are a very misunderstood group.” Despite its use of satanic imagery, TST states that it is non-theistic group that does not actually worship Satan.

However, on the opening night of the event a woman leader led a cheering crowd in chants of “Hail Satan” while she ripped pages out of a Bible and threw them on the floor.

SatanCon’s theme was “Hexennacht in Boston.” “Hexennacht” is German for “Witches Night.” The satanic event held multiple panels over the weekend, including topics on “Deconstructing Your Religious Upbringing,” “Hellbillies: Visible Satanism in Rural America,” “The Devil Is in All of You: The Changing Face of Satan in Cinema,” and “Reclaiming the Trans Body.”

In addition to the panels, SatanCon hosted a “Satanic Ball” and an event called “Impius Conventus,” which is Latin for “An Ungodly Assembly.” It featured a drag queen performance and a concert by the band Satanic Planet.

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