Mother’s Day reflections

In a few days’ time it will be Mother’s Day and some of us will have the honour and privilege of getting Hallmark cards, chocolates and gifts and having brunch with our family. That’s the perfect picture.
I love the idea that schoolteachers take the time to teach children to paint or draw pictures and write love letters to their Moms. I have kept the letters from our two daughters from almost every Mother’s Day; it’s a sort of “report card” as my son-in-law would say. I’ve read every word and studied the pictures in great detail. I suppose it must be getting harder as they are in their 30s and they know the value I place on the cards and words they give. However we now have a granddaughter and one of these years she will be able to jot a note or paint a picture to grandma and into the treasure box will go her words of encouragement — or I’ll keep a copy at the back of my Bible. But in all honesty one shouldn’t place such pressure on this day but just use it as a day for some reflection and perhaps a little adjustment.

4 generations
Celebrating four generations of blessing from the Lord: (From left) Annie Fitz-Gibbon ( Great Grandmother of Noelle Mari ); Lara Jane Rocchi (Marian’s daughter); Noelle Mari Rocchi (Marian’s grand daughter) and Marian Fitz-Gibbon

Single moms
I thought about some of the single mothers in our country and how challenging it must be to raise a family single-handed. In Proverbs we are encouraged to train up a child in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart from it. This requires daily discipline, consistency and fortitude that only comes from the Lord. If you are a single parent and have children who have come through their teen years and into adulthood and have chosen Christ as their Lord and Saviour, I truly salute you. Yes, it is Christ that draws us to the cross, but the seeds for salvation I do hope were sown in our household. It is the daily devotion to the Lord that reaps the harvest of righteousness. It is the word of truth that is the power to save.

I am so mindful of many mothers that lost infants during pregnancy and many who lost young children. It’s so unnatural for a mother to bury her child and somehow it’s on Mother’s Day when the memories of those little ones or lost ones come flooding back. I recently read an account regarding the loss of a child in a book called “Translating God” by Shawn Bolz ( Page 108). It brought to mind the power of the comfort of the Holy Spirit’s Word of Knowledge in a great time of need. I was so challenged by Shawn’s book and his great desire to work together with the Holy Spirit to bring comfort and edification, direction and restoration of relationship with the Father.

So often on Mother’s Day Proverbs 31 is quoted wherein it speaks about this amazing woman who can accomplish so much because she has tapped into the treasures of knowing and fearing the Lord, that is, in an excellent way. This brings to mind the power of being a comforter and encourager and the extremely powerful role the mother has as a comforter and encourager.

Establishing truths
The comfort and encouraging that children need in this highly competitive self-seeking, self-centred world are not words that affirm that self-centeredness but words that align with the heart of the Father. A wise woman is one who will seek out the will of Father God for her child and children and will take time to establish truths that will support that outcome. More than those treasured Hallmark cards, what I really hold dear are the prophetic words that were spoken over our children’s lives. Words that came from reputable prophetic ministers. Those prophetic words were taped, typed and then filed in very specific files – our treasure files so to speak. We would go back to them to pray, take action and assume responsibility as parents. We took our response to prophetic words very seriously and over time it paid off – both our girls are serving the Lord and are great contributors in the body of Christ and society.

So convinced am I of the value of prophetic words over children’s lives that when our eldest daughter was still pregnant with our granddaughter and she was called out by name at a meeting at the Open Heavens conference in the USA, I ran to the front to stand proxy for her prophetic word as she was in South Africa. The word was given by Theresa Dedmon and one of her students with a painting that encompassed months of prayers that only God would have known were prayed. Our “Little Princess” would have the favour of the King’s heart. Even though our granddaughter arrived a little early she was healthy and has eyes that read your heart like a prophetess.

I can’t help but think of all the young girls that haven’t yet married and who would love to have a family. The book of Ruth is one that immediately comes to mind. We have so many of our industrious women working the fields so to speak who have not yet met their “Boaz” but I do believe as it is written in Ruth 3.11 “All the people of my town know you are a woman of noble character” will be said of you as you continue in faith toward the things of the Lord and in due season you will reap your reward.

Day for forgiveness
Then, there are those whose mothers could not love you the way you deserved to be loved. Those whose mothers abused and neglected and abandoned you. You may prefer to ignore a day like Mother’s Day but it’s a day for forgiveness and a day to get free. Forgive your mother and ask the Lord to heal your heart. To comfort you and restore all the years of pain you have gone through.

Those who’ve lost mothers and those who are losing beloved mothers right now. Those mothers whose children have lost their way. Those mothers whose children are sick. Those who are trying to become mothers. Those mothers who can’t find a moment to yourself and mothers who can’t find a single person to celebrate motherhood with you. The Lord is able to comfort you, and our prayer is that this Mother’s Day will be different. You will find the joy of the Lord. The peace that passes all understanding to flood your heart and soul and body.

This Mother’s Day is different. Women are extraordinary, we can love, encourage , motivate and endure. I’m not at all surprised when Proverbs 31 is read out as a word of encouragement to mothers . We do stay awake at night tending to our families both spiritually and physically. Many of us work for an income to support our families. We are creative, we pray, we trust the Lord, we make transactions in business, we sign contracts, we govern our affairs with great skill so the taxman is happy. We contribute to the poor and needy, we teach our children in the ways of the Lord and we submit to our husbands and honour them, encouraging them to achieve. We attend to our bodies and ensure we are modestly and tastefully dressed. So, when the writer of this Proverb meant it to be an encouragement for daily living, I look around and I can say there is many a woman I know who can honestly get a Mother’s Day card from her children: saying: “Many daughters have done well but you excel them all.” — Proverbs 31.29


  1. Such annointed words Marian thank you and God Bless you this mothers day.

    • Marian Fitz-Gibbon

      Dear Lynette, Thank you for taking the time to comment and with such an encouraging one at that. One woman to another I do bless you you with a day to remember. Regards Marian

  2. heloise visser

    well written. foodxfor thoughy. your prophecy to me still written and prayed over. many moons ago. luv heloise

    • Marian Fitz-Gibbon

      Dearest Heloise, I’m thrilled you have prayed over your prophetic words. Its so encouraging to hear you are of good faith. God is truly not deaf that He cannot hear your innermost cries, neither are His hands short that He cannot reach into your circumstances. Much love Marian

  3. Thank you for the rich reflections,
    Each and every mother and wife is the very best in the world, for each fills their husbands’ and children’s lives with love and there is nothing more beautiful than that, not to speak of the guidance, advice, encouragement, warmth, meals, healing, nurturing, fun, understanding, support, sympathy, kindness, and laughter.
    Thank you to all mothers and wives, without you, life would be an insipid resemblance of what it is with you.

  4. Hugh G Wetmore

    Marian: You have wisely and generously covered many aspects of Motherhood that are usually neglected on Mothers’ Day. God bless you for a heart that reaches out to every kind of Mother, with words of encouragement and especially those words of Forgiveness at the end.