My bestie got saved!


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Kate Fitz-Gibbon (Left) and her best friend, Gen (Right).
Are you ready for the harvest?

My Bestie Got Saved!

And she is radical now! So radical that she says she’s literally on fire and crazy in love.

It is one of the most beautiful things in this life when someone you love finds Jesus and encounters the Holy Spirit. I know that’s why Jesus planned for us to be the ones to go out and make disciples, because He knew the joy it would bring us. Any ordinary day gets turned into a wonder-filled event where you cry and laugh in the same minute many times a day. To walk that journey with one of your closest girl friends is nothing short of spectacular.
I want to share my story of when my girl Gen got saved because it’s full of hope, and it’s a glimpse into the harvest that is coming for all of us.

I prayed for Gen for three years. We have known each other for three and a half years. When we met, it was chemistry. It was like we had known each other forever and were totally safe to be ourselves. We seemed to touch the stars every time we hung out. Our dreams didn’t seem silly to each other, they were lush with possibility, even if everyone thought we were a little crazy.

We met during a very rocky time for us both, I was in the process of Jesus redeeming my years of bad decisions, and she was in them. In a sense we were both hiding from the world we had created for ourselves that kept shouting that we were not good enough.

The view they enjoyed from their dinner table.

Different pages of our own books
After we had been hanging out for a while, I went through a radical transformation and she moved overseas. As I grew in my relationship with God, she went through quite a tough time that was heart-breaking for us both. I shared Jesus many times with her and gave her the loveliest book, The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards, hoping that the book could tell the parts of the story I didn’t know how to say. Tears were shed late at night for her in prayer, and my heart was always with her even though we were on such different pages of our own books.

Then, one day I felt God say, ‘Would you hand her over to Me?’. So I did.

A few months later I get a video message from her, saying: ‘KT girl, I know that Jesus is my Saviour’. I knew it was real, and my heart leap.

What followed has been the deepest, most incredible journey for both of us. The joy in walking this road with her, for me, has been unspeakably wonderful, and it has taken our friendship somewhere we could have never steered it ourselves.

A couple months after her video message to me, we prayed on the phone for her to meet Holy Spirit. She said while we were praying the sun kept moving onto her and she felt things shifting. She gets in her car and puts on a deep house mix (we LOVE those) and Holy Spirit starts distinctly speaking to her through the music.

Here’s what makes this so cool. Holy Spirit has been speaking to me through deep house for years now. It was one of the ways He won my heart back after it got dashed to pieces through church politics and legalism. Without me needing to pray for her to encounter God this way, it was supernaturally imparted through our friendship. Check out her testimony video here and to hear the music:

Adding to the wonder
Now to add to the wonder. Tucked away in the deepest part of my heart was a desire to be there for some of her firsts — first time at church, first time being touched by God’s presence. The only problem was, she now lives in Cape Town and I live in Joburg. But God was all over this. I was road tripping through the Western Cape this month and we made plans to see each other. God planned the most special weekend for the two of us, we did not even need to try. I got to take her to church for the first time and stand beside her while the tears streamed down her face and she raised her hands, getting touched by God’s presence. I’m there crying too, like a proud mama who’s about to burst with love. And God says to me, ‘Now you know how I feel’. I’m finished. She’s finished.

We then spend the day being romanced by Jesus eating beautiful food, in beautiful settings, listening to beautiful music and ministering to people as we go along the way. To say it was organic, would be an understatement. It was divine.

The day ends with us being rendered speechless and in tears as Jesus took over my playlist in the car and sang direction to us for the future through the kind of music we love best. Finally we’re home and share her first meaningful communion together. I get a little misty eyed thinking back to this.

We. Love. God. What else can we say? He is more than…

While reading this, there’s an invitation to experience the beauty of God in your own life. If you are praying for someone you love, don’t let go. Know that God has planned their moment of salvation, but more than that He has planned an inheritance for you both to delight in together. He wants this to be a memorable story more than you do. He has an eye for detail, and the ability to turn the long hours of night into a glorious sunrise and a day filled with glistening possibilities. I believe the harvest that is coming is going to be marked by abundance, joy and the signature of His personal touches. Imagine spending your days frolicking with new believers under the light of His countenance in days planned perfectly by Him. I say that’s a fulfilling life.

Gen and Kate in their little corner of the world.

The coming harvest
Before ending this, I want to share some other things I feel about the coming harvest. The people God is bringing into the kingdom are going to supernaturally walk in favour, revelation, intimacy and acceleration.

Gen has crazy acceleration on her life, and understands things about the kingdom that some Christians are still grabbling with 10 years down the line. She has a fire inside of her that brightens the darkest of days. She is experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough and the goodness of God is boldly on display in her life.

She has embraced Holy Spirit and fullness of who He is without question, outside of the bounds of logic and reason. She demonstrates faith and trust that is pure and wise.

I feel deeply protective over the purity of a heart like hers. For her, and for every other heart that is coming into the kingdom.

There is a freshness and innovative creativity that the new faces in the kingdom are bringing. They will shake up things that once were lifeless, and question the current strongholds and unhelpful frameworks we’ve allowed for far too long. We need to give them space to do so, and not assume that we have all the answers. We must add fuel to their fires and not quell their zeal.

There is a liberty coming to the church like never before, and some of that liberty is being brought in from those who are stepping foot into the doors of the church for the first time. For they have been chosen by God for such a time as this.

Are you ready for the harvest?


  1. Love this piece. Especially about the coming harvest. Just a big AMEN on it! Thanks for sharing.