My First Hands-On Bible: Book Review

firsthandsonBibleBook Review by Val Viljoen
My First Hands-On Bible – Tyndale House Publishers

It is not an easy task to bring the Bible alive to preschoolers. If you are one of those gifted people who would disagree with me, I hope you are making yourself available to teach in Sunday school!

For the rest of us wanting to influence small people to become followers of Jesus (parents, grandparents, struggling Sunday school teachers), Tyndale have a wonderful resource – My First Hands-On Bible. This is not just a book of illustrated Bible stories. The core of the book is 85 well chosen stories from the clear and easy-to-understand New Living Translation, but it is much more than that.

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The book is also jam-packed with activities and games that make each story relevant to little ones, and are simple and easy to implement. The “Let’s Talk’ inserts have good questions to ask, and “The Jesus Connection” contributions are invaluable in showing how Jesus permeates the whole Bible. There is also a simple prayer relevant to each story.

Personally, I can’t wait to get started on this book with my two year old grandson — I am giving it to him for a Christmas present. Age-wise it is suitable for all pre-schoolers. So if you have someone close to you in that age range, give some thought to this delightful book this Christmas.

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  1. Thanks for this, I didn’t know about it and will also give it to my great-nephew for Christmas. Problem: postage from England to S.A. will be more pricey than the book itself!! Will find a way?