Nation uniting in prayer for SA and Israel on Sunday

Christians in towns, cities and villages across South Africa are uniting in a national prayer event called “Taking A Stand” at 4pm on Sunday February 25.

The event will begin with a a short time of worship before the prayer programme starts with prayer for Israel and South Africa, followed by declaring public distancing from South Africa’s case against Israel at the International Court of Justice.

Other topics include prayers of repentance over the increase of sins in the land as per 2 Chronicles 7:14 – with the naming of specific sins such as abortion, murder, rape, violence, crime and corruption. This topic will close with a declaration that all doors allowing in evil in SA clobesed in Jesus’ name.

There will also be prayer for divine intervention in South Africa – including in the upcoming, May 29 election, the economy, schools, basic services and for God-fearing leaders.

And finally there will be prayer for revival and the rebuilding of the nation according to God’s Word — ending with a declaration that SA belongs to Jesus.

Dr Pearl Kupe of Time2RiseSA (T2R) which initiated the event said : “It is important that the world understand that not everyone in South Africa is supportive of the government’s stance against Israel and also important that we fulfil the mandate given to us by the Bible in the following Scriptures”

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“Psalm 121:4 — Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

And Numbers 24:9 — Like a lion, Israel crouches and lies down; like a lioness, who dares to arouse her? Blessed is everyone who blesses you, O Israel, and cursed is everyone who curses you.”

The SA government’s animosity towards Israel, including its case against the Jewish State at the International Court of Justice, has disturbed many Christians in the country who believe that according to Genesis 12 that the government’s hostility towards Israel will bring a curse on South African unless we Christians distance ourselves from it.

In a video message on the prayer day, Dr Arno van Niekerk of T2R said that when we step out for God we should anticipate resistance. He urged people to be sensitive to venue security and not to bring Israeli flags as these could trigger public responses that would distract from the event’s focus on prayer.

Kupe said indications are that there is good support across the nation for Sunday’s 4pm united prayer event. T2R has published the prayer venues for the following city venues:

Pretoria (Tshwane) – Union Buildings — will be livestreamed on Time2Rise Facebook Group)
Johannesburg — Constitutional Court)
Cape Town — Parliament
Durban — Ecclesia Church, Flambouyant Drive
Bloemfontein — Naval Hill
Potchefstroom (Die Bult Park, Enselen Street)

The three declarations that will be made during the prayer events are:

Declaration 1
“Father, we as Your people in South Africa distance ourselves from our government’s case against Israel at the International Court. We withdraw from their decision to accuse Israel of genocide. We declare a separation from this government and the consequences of this action. We bless Israel and declare your protection over all who live in the land of Israel.”

Declaration 2
“We declare that all doors that allow evil in South Africa be closed, in Jesus Name. We cancel the laws and actions that give legal right to sin in the land. We declare that God’s will be done in South Africa, let His Kingdom come, and let Him be glorified as the King over South Africa: a land purified by the blood of Jesus.”

Declaration 3:
“We declare that South Africa belongs to Jesus, the Creator of this land. As King of kings over all the earth, we dedicate South Africa to Him. We declare that all powers and authority submit themselves to His will. As Christians who are the majority and who live in this land, we declare that South Africa is a Christian nation.”
[NOTE: You are also encouraged to joing the SA Belongs To Jesus group on Telegram which focuses on prayer leading up to the elections]

Suggested worship songs for use at the event are:
No longer slaves, Waymaker and Africa will be saved (South Africa will be saved)

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  1. I am delighted that this prayer meeting has been organized as I was vehemently against this governments outrageous act in cursing Israel so I whole heartedly endorse this act of repentance thank you for organizing it

  2. I will be praying at home with friends, and am very excited to joining with thousands of like minded believers. Thank you for the excellent guide lines given for prayer.

  3. God Bless Israel .God SA

  4. I am currently working overseas, but I will join in prayer from here. I praise our Almighty God in Heaven, Jesus Christ His Son, and thank Him for his power and mercy over us…

  5. I endorse everything that Time2 Rise stands for, for the sovereignty of Jesus over our beloved land South Africa.

  6. The Holy Spirit must come down and South Africa will be saved. Thank you Leadership of the Lord for touching God’s ❤️ for what you’re doing for South Africa 🙏. I’m joining you from home with my children. Bless you

  7. I so support this big time.
    IMPORTANT: if confession of sins can be one of the first things to start with, in order resist what separates man with Elohim which is the spirit of “SIN”
    LiKe Daniel did in DANIEL 9:3- and God answered him after the confession of all the nation of Israel

    If we confess, then the accuser(satan) will not have anything to accuse South Africa and Isreal of, because Sin (the wall of separation between Elohim and mankind) will be removed. Then we stand a change win the favor of Our Creator Elohim and SALVATION can manifest becouse of His Grace(the undeserving favour)

    Blessed be His Holy Name I’m the name of YESHUA Amen.