WATCH: National day of prayer and fasting called for police ahead of prophesied reform

A national day of prayer and fasting for the SA Police Services has been called on Wednesday October 28 ahead of prophesied far-reaching reforms in the police, says prophetess Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God.

She says God has asked her to call the prayer time because he wants to reform and cleanse the police force. The reforms will include removal of top leaders, dealing with corruption, reforming administration and the moral fibre of the police.

During a Zoom meeting starting at 8pm on Wednesday prophetic words wll be released over the police and serving members of SAPS will share testimonies and prayer needs.

Watch video of the call to prayer and fasting:


  1. For over 2000 years now Jesus has been praying and calling the body of Christ to be of one mind, united in Him, and be a people representing Him to the lost and hurting world. Sadly our own lack of humility and determination to do it our own way has caused the body to be splintered.
    If there was ever a time ….it is now for the Church to stand up as one people ….to take hands across the denominational divide and work and pray together, and as one people speaking Jesus. The hope of a Nation. He is not divided.
    For over 20 years I have longed to hear this call….for unity in the body praying for the police, SAPS, those in authority. The call to unity is not unique to SA but it is crucial for the Nation at this time. Many, many, many words have been spoken over SAPS.
    A force for change …a service to Gods glory. Can you imagine, can you dare to dream and see over 200,000 men and women in blue on fire for Jesus Christ.
    If every church worked together with the churches close by and invaded its local police station with the gospel and the love of Christ, the Lord could work a miracle. I am praying and fasting with you. May the Church take a stand. God bless.

  2. We need to enter into siritual warefare : oh Father God we come before you and confess our weaknesses and sins! Please forgive us and thank you for cleansing us. We BIND all the evil forces and demonic entities which the evil on has assigned against South Africa and in particular the farming community! We BIND THEM ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! WE ALSO ASK THAT EVERY ONE DOING THE BIDDING Of satan be exposed and dealt with completely! Please Lord we ask for arch angels and legions of angels to protect all the farmers. Oh Lord last night I dreamt of poisonous snakes and scorpions inflicting the deserved recompense on all stock thieves and the safe return of every animal. Father we bring EACH AND EVERY ONE IN GOVERNMENT AND ASK THAT ALL the iniquities and lies be exposed and that they be conclusively disgraced in public and every defence will fail. We ask that all voters will shun the ANC as well as the EFF and that they will loose multiples of seats in Jesus mighty name.

  3. Isaac Johannes Sebolai

    I will join in the Fast and prayer for our Police Force.