NEW BOOK: Climbing Into Eternity by Michelle Pulford — Advertorial

“I died twice and came back to talk about it.”

Michele flirted with death for six years, trying to numb her pain following a sexual pervert’s attack. Attempting to protect herself, she allowed hatred of men to control her, and used mind control to manipulate others. Suffering with acute anorexia nervosa, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at age

She woke up in hell, a place of eternal damnation, horror, torment, and fire.

Rescued by the Savior whose soft, gentle voice she had rejected, Michele was given a new chance at life and turned wholeheartedly to the Lord. When her body was completely paralyzed from an anaphylactic allergy attack
as a young mother, she found life leaving her body once again. “This time,” she says, “I was ushered into the splendorous glory of Heaven—a place of almost indescribable light and love.”

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Sent back to tell her story, Michele Pulford warns others of the horrors of the kingdom of darkness, and tells them of the glory of true abundant life in God’s kingdom of light.

This personal love story, as well as a story about death and eternal life, is both a warning and a promise, and ultimately an unforgettable account of the love of God that would not let a young woman go.

Too many people, including many Christians, are totally unaware of the eternal dimension of life with a Heaven to gain and Hell to shun. I trust all those who read about her (Michele’s) journey will be motivated to live a life that would assure them of a place in Heaven. — Bill Hollis, CEO, marketplace minister.

Michele Pulford trained and worked as a fashion designer and textile lecturer from 1982 to 2009. After attending evening Bible school, she was further trained at MES Aksie, an evangelical missions ministry, before doing missionary outreach and relationship building among the locals in the Maghadighadi Pans of Botswana from 1990 to 1996. A marketplace intercessor and teacher on prayer, she makes her home with her husband Charles in South Africa.

Their family consists of a son Cyle-jay, his wife Natasha, and grandson, Asher Ethan; and a daughter Brontii-ann.

Climbing Into Eternity — My Descent In Hell, My Flight To Heaven can be purchased from Ruach Ministries:


  1. Michele Pulford

    This is a true powerful love story of how God’s Love and Grace never fail. That Heaven and Hell are real and through Christ Jesus, we are climbing into Heaven

  2. Difficult to read the self abuse and torture and helplessness but the hell part is just too dreadful to comprehend and I definitely don’t want to go there.
    I believe in God’s mercy and forgiveness and look forward to eternity with Jesus.. Thank you for an eye opening read xxxx

  3. Deborah Harper

    Wow an eye opener to what awaits the choices we make. Michele journey of rejection self abuse, anorexia and bulimia, a disastrous marriage, willing herself to die, being saved from hell and experiencing heavens glory. 2 miracle pregnancies ,and the faithful love of her husband who stood beside her through it all,And our amazing God who never leaves us and is always forgiving and merciful,.POWERFUL testimony to be read by all ,so we can make the right choices here and now for eternity.

  4. Kayla filmalter

    Hello aunty Michele,congrats on the book I know mom (Tracey filmalter) and I are going to deff buy your book