New book explains God’s redemption plan for Africa

Prophetic voice, intercessor and mother of five children, Clementia Pae talks to Gateway News about her book, The Womb of Africa Carries My Glory

Gateway News: Tell us more about your book The Womb of Africa Carries My Glory — what is it about?

CP: The Womb of Africa Carries My Glory is a revelation of God’s love for mankind — in this instance, the African continent and her people. It tells of how He, God, has come to personally redeem and restore Africa’s ravaged womb, marry her, and impregnate her with His Holy Seed, so that she may birth His divine government and perfect will on the earth.

Gateway News: What made you write this book? 

CP: There is a great deal of searching among many people of the continent of Africa, especially among our youth – searching for identity, origins, purpose and belonging — all with the hope of finding a connection to a certain god with whom they can identify. This book seeks to reveal the heart of God, His DNA and His divine presence in Africa.

This book seeks to bring a divine revelation of a unique calling to redeem the stolen womb of humankind and to preserve the seed and the redemptive gifts. Individuals, families, the Church, peoples, cities and nations each have a womb; each have unique redemptive gifts and each have divine prophetic destinies. However, without healthy wombs to carry these redemptive gifts and holy seeds, there is no hope for the people and the nations to ever fulfil their own divine prophetic destinies. In the womb is where life begins. Where there is a womb, there is great potential.

God designed Africa, her womb and her offspring to carry His glory, His blessing and His never-ending potential. Because of these very things, war and contention came upon Africa. She has been hijacked, raped, deceived, dragged through the mud, defiled, made unhealthy, diseased and curses have come upon her. The enemy has managed to manipulate the very gift that came from God, causing it to become unfruitful, to lie dormant or to serve his evil purpose. The holy seed therefore became unsafe; the lives and destinies of many were lost. Which is the very reason why, He, God Himself has personally come to redeem and to restore her, Africa, back to His original purpose.

Gateway News: What can the reader expect from the book?

In this book I share my own testimony of how the Lord drew me out of deep darkness and journeyed with me through divine deliverance from my very painful and very dark past, giving me a deep revelation of Himself and His divine will and releasing me into the intercessory and the prophetic ministry, and graciously making me part of His redemptive story. This book aims to bring hope to the lost, the condemned, the guilty, the shameful, the nameless, the rejected, the suffering, the confused, the angry, the hurting and the searching. It aims to help them heal, discover, recover and understand their redemptive call, and thereby fulfil their divine prophetic destinies and mandates. This book is for anyone who has or who has not committed adultery, abortion, murder, gone through divorce, stolen, worshipped ancestors, or been involved in witchcraft or the like.

In its nature, this book is a testimony, it is revelatory, prophetic, living, progressive and restorative. 

Gateway News: Where can the readers find the book?

CP: Printed copies of the book can be obtained directly from or +72 428 4155 or +27 74 188 9092 at R185.

Digital copies are available from the selected e-book stores at


  1. Henriette Dippenaar

    Dear Clementia
    I am sooo excited. I am an intercessor in Knysna. This is so prophetic as God has been speaking to me about this year 2021 since 2013. My daughter is also pregnant in South Korea with triplets. The scan Only showed twins in 2020, but on their second scan on the first Shabbat of 2021 there was 3!! ABUNDANCE is awaiting.. 3×7 =21. Competeness and Rest…. Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. Many Blessing and may these words & testimonies bear MUCH FRUIT in the next 3 years that we will walk closer than ever to Abba Father awaiting the coming of the Tree of LIFE in the middle of the Garden..

  2. Dear Henriette

    Thank you so much for your message. We give all the glory to our risen Lord and King, Yeshua Hamashiach.

    Wow!!! What a testimony about your daughter. We thank God for the fruit of the womb. This is a great reward.
    May this fruit flow and overflow to the many in our continent and to the nations of the earth.

    Much love and blessings,

    Clementia Pae