New Christian magazine will focus on marriage and family

marriagelifemagThe Marriage Life Mag (MLM) which will be launched this Saturday is a Christian publication that focuses on marriage and family issues. With the divorce rate as high in the church as outside of it MLM fills a void in the South African Christian Media landscape. I spoke to MLM editor Mr Themba K Khoza to find out more about the magazine; more about their campaign Ecumenical Campaign Divorce and what readers can look forward to.

Neziswa: Tell us more about Marriage Life Mag?

MLM: Marriage Life Magazine is a marriage enrichment and transformation magazine elucidating marital issues from a Christian perspective. Columns and articles are inscribed by renowned speakers, marriage counsellors, pastors, therapists, psychologists and marriage mentors within the body of Christ.  The magazine focuses on matters affecting marriage lifestyle issues such as marriage matters, sex and intimacy for married couples, Family life, kingdom lifestyle and principles,  child rearing, advice, fashion updates, money matters, health matters, fact files, fitness and Bible tools.  Marriage Life Mag is published monthly and is distributed nationwide.

Neziswa:  How did Marriage Life come about?

MLM: Marriage Life Magazine came  as instruction from God, I was on fasting and prayer and God stirred me to write books, as I was busy writing the book titled “ Marriage- a school of character”  God instructed me to start this magazine which He will use as a tool to restore marriages and cultivate healthy marriages.

Part of the marriage mandate assigned to me by God is to run a campaign called “Ecumenical Campaign Against Divorce”, We Christians are the body of Christ but we seem to differ in doctrine or dogma, however when it comes to marriage we all agree that marriage is the work of God, with the campaign we are sending this message across “God still hates divorce, We can change the laws of the country but we cannot change the laws of God”.

Neziswa: What is the vision behind it?

MLM: Jesus is coming back for his Church which is his bride.  Jesus Christ loves us so much that he is restoring the church to himself beforehand; remember judgment begins in the House of God. The vision is to use marriage to win souls for Christ and as the light of the world through our marriages we shall outshine darkness.  We envision to establish a school of marriage and Christian counsellng centers nationwide.  We also believe that the divorce rate in the world will decrease through such initiatives.

Neziswa: Tell us about the launch event on September 5. What can attendees expect?

MLM: The Launch is part of the International Marriage week celebration. We celebrate marriage, relevant stakeholders and media houses will come together. The launch is a formal public announcement of God’s restoration plan starting from marriage to society. The event includes a gala dinner; it is a magnificent black tie event where couples will be on a red carpet in honour of marriage and the designer of marriage, God.

Exciting activities will be taking place and assuredly love will ignite once more for couples.

Neziswa:  What would be different about Marriage Life from other magazines?

MLM: Magazines are all about lifestyles, be it womanhood, fatherhood, motherhood etc.   but so far there isn’t any magazine that speaks about marriage life. When the two becomes one flesh a new life starts, a new family unit is established. Marriage Life Magazine is born to talk about challenges affecting the marriage lifestyle. In fact marriage life between husband (male) and wife (female) is a God-ordained foundation for all lifestyles e.g. marriage produces family, family produces society, society forms part of the Church. In other words we do not have blessed family, or society without marriage. Many magazines do write articles about marriage, however marriage elucidation or counselling outside of Biblical principles only contain a modicum of truth. With the magazine we are relevant to life issues, as we hear from Jesus Christ for He is the way, the truth and life, Marriage Life Mag is conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with editors and readers from Protestant, Orthodox, Baptist, Charismatic and Pentecostal traditions. The Bible remains the measuring rod of our articles.

Neziswa: The launch event is happening at the Vaal. Will you be hosting events in other provinces as well?

MLM: Yes, The Launch is in Vaal. A few tickets are still available call: 016 931 0985. Yes we will be hosting events and seminars nationally e.g.  Valentines Ball will be in Durban next year February.

Neziswa:  Who will be the speakers at the launch?

MLM: Speakers are Dr Eva Seobi (Renowned speaker, TV personality, Radio host, qualified doctor, ordained minister and  sex matters  columnist),  Ps  Dladla (President: Marriage Club, Marriage Officer, Marriage Counsellor, Senior Pastor at Free Baptist Church), Ps  Xolani Hlitana (Author, Marriage officer/ Counselor, Pastor, Communication specialist), Hlengiwe Mpanza ( Author: Godly women- Ssay no to divorce).

Neziswa: Tell us about some of the columns found in the magazine. Is Marriage Life Mag only for married couples or can singles read it?

MLM: The magazine contains exciting columns like Tool for a great marriage, Sex matters with Dr Eva Seobi, Tackling Marriage matters, Life in full Bloom, Finance matters, Fashion insight, Family and Parenting.

Neziswa:  What can we expect from Marriage Life Magazine in the future?

MLM: Honest and Direct exposition on marriage matters. Exciting and inspirational magazine cover stories, exclusive content, spirit-filled, Christ centered and direct revelations from God concerning the marriage institution. We are also anticipating Marriage Life “I still do Awards” in the near future.

Neziswa: Where can our readers get a copy of Marriage Life Mag?

MLM: The copies of Marriage life Magazine are available at CNA, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Cum Books and other retail outlets nationwide for R25.00 a copy and for subscriptions call: 016 931 0985

Neziswa: Will the magazine be available only after the launch on Saturday or can one get a copy sooner?

MLM: The magazine will be available after the launch


  1. Looking forward to the launch and the great ML mag. All the best to the team

  2. Can we get the magazine online or its only a hard copy? I’m so happy about this magazine and I can’t wait to get myself one, I just saw it yesterday on TV and just felt in love with it

  3. Neziswa N Kanju

    Marriage Life Mag The October issue will be available online, please visit


  5. Love it, Keep up the good work, May God bless the work of your hands!