New party, #Hope4SA, announces plans to contest elections

#Hope4SA leaders at the launch of the new political party in Bloemfontein last week. The party’s chief servant (president), Pastor John Mathuhle is 4th from the left and deputy chief servant RooIes Strauss is third from the left

A new South African political party, #Hope4SA, announced last Wednesday that it will contest the 2024 elections around a vision of positive change and unity.

The party’s core values centre around subscription to biblical values, good governance, transparency, accountability, and a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of SA society, it announced at a launch event at the House of Bread in Bloemfontein.

#Hope4SA aims to transcend traditional political divides and bring fresh perspectives to the forefront of public discourse, said its chief servant (president) Pastor John Mathuhle.

Mathuhle, who is well known as a community bridge builder and as a leader of the nation-building Time2Rise movement, said in a statement that they are committed “to endeavor to unite and engage every citizen, regardless of their race or background to collectively co-create the future we all can own and be proud of”.

He said #Hope4SA will focus on key issues such as restoration of family values which every healthy society is built on, ethical and professional governance in every sphere of government, advocating for solutions that promote social justice, inclusive economic growth, and environmental sustainability. The party will seek to collaborate with like-minded civil societies to bridge the gaps and to create a stronger and more cohesive society to affect change on all levels. 

More information about Hope4SA can be viewed at and

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  1. It is always encouraging to see Christians coming actively into public life; but the multiplication of smaller parties is worrying. I have not read a manifesto from Hope4SA, and I may be naive; but is there any reason why Hope4SA should not join forces with the ACDP?

  2. The best news ever, may you endeavor to bring God back into ALL aspects of our lives, despite race or color. We are yearning to take the helm again. May God continue to bless each & everyone of you. God bless SA.

  3. Let us continue to listen to God’s voice and obey his voice. Praise be to God #Hope4SA. He showed us that he was in agreement with us as T2R at the mountain on the 7th October 2023 as crosses that were a symbol of crucifixion appeared on the sky and a dove as we were gathered at Attridgiville last Saturday 3rd February 2024. So shall it continue to be in Jesus Name.

  4. All the Christian political Parties must set an example and first unite as one pilitical party standing for Biblical values and against the WEF, UN Agenda2030, Net Zero Climate Agenda, Paris Accord, Any Manditory Vaccinations and the WHO and state that very clearly in their Policies and Manifesto. The Bible clearly said: “A house divided cannot stand”. Satan is dividing christians and all these small christian parties only play into his plan of divide and conquer. The leaders of these parties must first unite and join forces to show SA how it is done before they talk about uniting South Africa