New people’s power movement aims to bring change to elections

A new, ethical nation-building movement that aims to restore power to the people of South Africa has postponed its scheduled October national launch to early next year after it received an encouraging response from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to its proposed non-partisan participation in next year’s elections.

The decision to reschedule the launch of the New Nation Movement (NNM) from October 25 and 26 in Pretoria to March 21 to 23 was taken for excellent strategic reasons, said Dr Arno van Niekerk, a member of the multi-disciplinary operational team which includes prominent Christian leaders.

He said the NNM had lodged an application in the Western Cape High Court based on Section 19(3)b of the Constitution for the right to submit independent candidates in the 2019 elections. They had also offered the IEC the opportunity to engage on the issue via mediation — and in the subsequent mediation process they have received a positive response from the IEC’s attorneys.

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On its website the NNM states that it is not a political party or a religious organisation, but an inclusive, non-partisan people’s platform that unites the voices of all role players and individuals who share the view that it’s time to change South Africa, and positively impact all the spheres that constitute society, for good.

The NNM aspires to democratise the political system in SA to one that transfers power from political parties to the people by enabling them to directly elect credible and accountable constituency-based leaders.

Anybody, including political parties, who subscribes to the values of the movement may participate in its efforts to unite people in building a better South Africa. According to the NNM’s website, its absolute values, which are detailed in its Bill of Values, are universally-acknowledged values, standards, ethics and principles that can establish a society on a firm foundation for justice, equity, and prosperity.

With the pending elections next year, much of the NNM’s initial strategic focus will be directed in this area. Thereafter it will increase focus on transforming all spheres of the nation, including governance, and bringing justice, integrity, equity, healing, and restoration of the South African dream, said Van Niekerk.


  1. It is so exciting just watching what God is doing in our land. He is raising up righteous men and women to make a stand for Him on behalf of our nation. Praise Him.

  2. Christian in SA need to realise that Gods ways are not our ways. He will use and raise up whom & however He will and the Church must recognise it and support it. angus Buchans “it’s time” prayer gatherings are an example of what God does when he heals a nation. lets pray for these people for this that God has called them to