New single by Charl Folscher celebrates God’s love and grace

By Alani Coetsee

Have you ever wondered whether we are deserving of the fullness of God’s love? Whether we have earned it? Or even whether we are good enough to receive such a gift?

In his latest single, Crazy Love, singer-songwriter Charl Folscher addresses this question — and concludes that despite deserving the opposite, God unconditionally bestows His unfathomable and extravagant love on us.

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“I sat down at the piano one day and came up with the words ‘I am broken, you will heal, you were broken, God’s love revealed’,” says Charl. “Those first lines cemented the concept of Christ’s love for us and from there the rest just flowed.”

The track, produced by Franco Gagiano of Upper Room Studios, underlines the fact that God’s love is always available. It is for this reason that Charl believes that the song will truly resonate with listeners. “Crazy Love expresses the concept of God’s undeserved love, which we receive by His grace alone. We don’t have to do anything to earn it — we receive it unconditionally.” In addition to its powerful message, the single is melodic with a strong dynamic.

A music video of this moving song can also now be seen on TV. It was shot by Josh Farrer in The Strand and is based on Mutemath’s “one take” video concepts. After much deliberation, they decided on a slow action video at the sea. 

“The ocean is a constant reminder of God’s glory and of the abundance of His love and grace,” he shares. “The message is that God’s love is powerful. But just like you have to jump into the water to get wet, you have to run to God’s love and have faith in its power. His love will never leave you. The video begins with me, soaking wet (and cold on the day), walking deeper and deeper into the ocean.”

Crazy Love is Charl’s third solo recording project. He released his first solo album, Day by Day, in 2005. This was followed by an album with Surrender Band, as well as two albums with Wholehearted Worship, which earned him a Sama nomination in 2011. In 2017 he released an EP titled Humble King, which was recorded in Nashville.

For Charl, the highlight of his musical journey has been leading worship at Cape Town Stadium, at an Angus Buchan event, with 43 000 people in attendance. “This event stands out because it is perfectly aligned with what I want to achieve with my music — to glorify God and gather the church.”

The artist — who is the son of a prison warden and a nurse — describes himself as a dreamer, borderline bohemian, and eternal optimist. “In addition, I am married to the most amazing person, father to an incredible boy, and most importantly, very fortunately known by a God whose grace finds me always.”

Charl Folscher (PHOTO: Shaun Bennets)

As a multitalented artist — he is also a photographer and filmmaker — Charl has lived in several countries and done various jobs. However, his true passion is music, and it is what he always returns to. And although he enjoys listening to a variety of genres, Charl is inspired particularly by Coldplay, John Mayer, Mat Kearney and Need To Breathe. He’d also love to collaborate with songwriter Jonas Myrin.

In addition to working on his music, Charl is currently busy doing research for a documentary, which he plans to shoot in Iraq next year.

He cites his greatest life lesson as accepting that nothing is certain, except, as Crazy Love affirms, that “we can always count on the grace and unconditional love of God”.

The single is available on Apple Music and Spotify

Instagram: @charlfolscher
Twitter: @charlfolscher

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