Pair taking to road in search of Kingdom solutions to SA challenges

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The government needs help with solving problems that are holding back the nation — and there are many people in the Body of Christ throughout South Africa who can help solve those problems.

This is the view of a number of South Africans in different spheres who share a “covenant Kindom nation vision to make South Africa a better place through helping in whatever way we can in whatever capacity”, said Kingdom strategist Jacques Malan, who, together with Kingdom governance specialist Mkhangeli Matomela, will shortly set out on the first of two planned road trips to “awaken the Church to bring forth specific solutions to help government”.

Mkhangeli Matomela.
Jacques Malan.

The first road trip, from July 20 to July 28, will cover the southern region of SA, and the second one, from August 26 to September 4, will cover the northern parts, he said in an interview this week. (See the road trip details at the bottom of this page).

“We have been brainstorming for several months,” Malan said, mentioning a desperate need for better schools, general challenges in education which are negatively impacting the economy, guidance for directionless youth, a range of economic issues, and families in crisis, as some of the problem areas that are taxing the government.

“It all boils down to the fact there is help available — there are people who are part of the Body of Christ who can contribute tremendously. Many of them are already trying to help but nothing is really coordinated and many of the people who want to help don’t even know each other.”

He said he and Matomela will invite “elders of each city — whether they are spiritual elders or whether they are city elders, or community leaders” to meet with them with a view to creating local platforms (“community councils”) to coordinate local action plans and to link with similar councils in other cities and towns.

“We will provide some guidelines but every community is unique and the detail of each plan will be determined by its council,” said Malan.

He said they anticipated that solutions — including the meeting of physical needs — would reach communities through a bottom-up process.

While the vision to identify and action solutions to help the government was birthed in Christian circles, anybody — including people from other faiths — was invited to contribute solutions, provided they shared values such as wanting to build a better, and corruption-free South Africa.

“We don’t want to create an organisation that can be hijacked by somebody. It will not be possible with this movement because there will be so many entities, organisations, ministries and individuals. So everyone will just be making a contribution.

“That is why we are so hesitant to put a name to the initiative. We want it to be as faceless as possible and to allow it to grow organically, ” said Malan.

For more information about the initiative, contact Jacques Malan at

The road trip details are:

Road trip 1: South

CPT to Vredendal 20-Jul
Vredendal to Upington 21-Jul
Upington to Middelburg 22-Jul
Middelburg tot East London 23-Jul
East London to Port Elizabeth 24-Jul
Extra day: special meetings 25-Jul
Port Elizabeth to George 26-Jul
George to OHN 27-Jul
George to CPT 28-Jul


Road trip 2: North

CPT – DBN 26-Aug
DBN to Bethlehem 27-Aug
Bethlehem to Bloemfontein 28-Aug
*leave early aftern to K/ley 29-Aug
Already in Kimberley 30-Aug
Kimberley to Potchefstroom 31-Aug
Potch to Carltonville 01-Sep
Carltonville – Jhb groups 02-Sep
Jhb – Secunda 03-Sep
Back to Jhb – fly home 04-Sep





  1. May we pray for these men asking our God and King to direct their path, open doors and bring godly, good and creative ideas that will bless and heal SA. God bless and strengthen them that they do not grow weary.

  2. We hope and plan to pray for you two every step of the way…for Fathers favour, wisdom and understanding,as new relationship are forged, and insights gleaned,to
    Build up and align this land to the LORDS Plan and blueprint for our Kingdom future.Go with God and be sensitive to HIS whispers BLESS THEM PAPA like the two spies that returned with a GOOD REPORT

  3. Lee Ann Viljoen

    We are looking forward to the visit in Port Elizabeth. Please feel free to contact me, Lee-Ann, should you require details of the meeting in Port Elizabeth or anywhere else in the country. If you are a part of the Body of Christ and you have a Kingdom vision for South Africa, you may need to be present to share what the Lord has placed on your heart and contribute to a the solution.
    You are welcome to contact me for further information.