‘Passion of Christ’ sequel to focus on the resurrection

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson directs actor Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ.

Originally published in Christian Today

It has been 12 years since The Passion of the Christ inspired Christians around the world and renewed their faith in Jesus Christ. The film’s director, Mel Gibson, recently dropped some good news for the Christian faithful hoping for a follow-up to the movie: A sequel is currently under discussion.

Speaking to Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of the California-based Harvest Christian Fellowship, Gibson revealed that he and other people behind The Passion of the Christ, are “talking about” the possibility of a sequel.

The next Passion film, he added, will likely be entitled The Resurrection.

A huge undertaking
“We’re talking about that. Of course, that is a huge undertaking,” Gibson said, as quoted by The Christian Post.

“And you know, it’s not the ‘Passion 2.’ It’s called The Resurrection. Of course, that’s a very big subject and it needs to be looked at because we don’t want to just do a simple rendering of it — you know, read what happened,” he added.

To make sure that the follow-up film will be as good as the first one, Gibson said he has enlisted the help of Oscar-nominated screenwriter Randall Wallace.

“In order to read it, experience and explore probably deeper meanings of what it’s about, it’s going to take some doing and Randall Wallace is up to the task,” Gibson said. “He is also, as well as a brilliant writer, he is a great director. He directed We Were Soldiers and Heaven is for Real and stuff. So, he is a good writer and director.”

Upcoming film
Gibson also shared details of his upcoming film, Hacksaw Ridge, which details the heroics of US Army medic Desmond Doss during World War II.

Gibson described Doss as a “man of faith and conviction”.

“He was a conscientious objector and he went into battle without a weapon as a medic and what he did was super-natural and He only did it through faith. He was armed only with his faith,” the director shared.

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  1. Great news – looking forward to it release!