Passionate cross walker preparing for another Gospel trek

Edward Pozyn

I recently spoke to Edward Pozyn, a man with a plan to walk 536km from Howick in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands to Bloemfontein in the Free State, while carrying the cross of Jesus and spreading His hope.

In March last year Gateway News reported on his 324km cross walk to the Maluti Mighty Men Conference on a mission to introduce young addicts to Jesus. He has completed a number of cross-walking missions since Jesus rescued him in 2011 when he was destitute.

Currently residing in a township with two others, Edward plans to start his trek on Saturday February 27. He says that in Bloemfontein he will meet with pastor friends who share his passion to see lost people come to a saving, life-changing knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

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He says he may be joined by Jabulani Miya and a young man from Brits in North West province. But with or without company he will be walking.

Asked what it takes to complete such a big trek he said he knows the deep spiritual place that the stamina has to come from when “you cannot take that last step”. 

Speaking with obvious passion for the children and young people of South Africa he said there was an urgent need for disciples of Jesus to reach them with the truth of the Gospel to counter the destructive lies that were fed to them from various sources.

When I asked Edward what goes through his mind when he enters a town, he said that he prays on the outskirts before entering. He said he could sense that townspeople are “dead, spiritually dead”.

He said along his journey he would set up his tent wherever he could, and simply start talking to anyone who would listen. 

He said he has experienced the provision of God in miraculous ways. Once, while sitting outside a garage with a placard made explaining his mission, a man came to him and was going to give him money. But Edward refused, saying: “I apologise Sir, I’m not a beggar” and explaining his mission. The man went to his car and came back with a R1 000 in cash which he gave to Edward. 

These are some of the ways in which Abba Father has shown Himself strong on Edward’s behalf, he said. The journeys have been tough in some areas but always he has shared his testimony and the love of God with everyone he meets. 

He said he is hoping to secure funding for a sponsorship vehicle to lighten the load and enable him to walk further. Walking with an extra 30kg on one’s body, adds a lot of strain and saps physical strength quite rapidly — “that’s when your prayers become deeper” Edward said.

He shared that people who he hasn’t had contact with in more than 40 years, have contacted him to sponsor essentials such as decent walking shoes and a good quality power bank.

He said that during his walk he plans to share hope in far-flung towns of South Africa where the ravages of unemployment and addictions, made worse by Covid, have all but decimated many communities. He wants to bring relief in any way he can. 

Anybody who would like to contribute towards Edward’s mission can contact him on +62 476 8204.

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