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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Jesus is alive!

Glory to God — the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the oceans cover the sea – including the places we think are impossible!

Greetings from the air — on my way back from my first United Kingdom Tour 2018.

It has been grand! Tea, scones, clotted cream, the royal wedding and the royal arrival of the Kingdom of heaven throughout!

There is a big wedding coming — bigger than anything we have ever witnessed on earth. Have you invited everyone you know?

It is going to be a glorious Pentecostal experience!

This month Christians all around the world remembered the “Day of Ascension” and the “Day of Pentecost”.

Ascension Day commemorates when Jesus was taken up into the clouds after telling His disciples to go and wait in the upper room for something better…

This event only took place once. Some might feel sad about Jesus’ departure, but not Him. On the contrary, He was excited! In John 16:7 Jesus said “ is best for you that I go, because if I don’t the Advocate wont come.’..”

He knew that the Pentecost experience would be the first of many and that in the last days there would be an outpouring that never has to stop!

“…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.,,” – Jesus in Acts 1.

Today we can still see the working of this power!

South Africa — Wheelchair emptied
Ascension Thursday started pretty amazingly! I was still in Johannesburg, South Africa. I went for a quick morning jog and met Oom Dolf. He was in a wheelchair, unable to walk. But God touched him radically!

Oom Dolf gets up from his wheelchair.

That evening I had the honour of sharing this testimony and the amazingly good news of Jesus ascending at “Veranderde Lewens” NG Church in Roodepoort, Johannesburg. I loved ministering here again — it exploded with glory and the outpouring of His Spirit.

Do you realise that there is no distance in the Spirit and therefore you can receive a touch from God even when watching God at work online? You do not want to miss this meeting!

This one is in my home language, Afrikaans :

Straight from there I flew off to Ireland for the start of my first ever tour in the UK.

Upon landing I was taken to see downtown Dublin. Before I knew it we found ourselves in the local Irish pub eating Guinness goulash.

God crashed in!

Northern Ireland
From there we went to Belfast in Northern Ireland. First time I heard of the “troubles” — similar to South Africa’s wars between “black” and “white” during apartheid, but in this case it was and still is between Protestants and Catholics. Thousands of killings and horrific assaults.

Yet it seems strange that they fall under the “United Kingdom” — with no unity. I think of the Scripture which talks about the power of unity — that we could change the world if we have it.

Jesus asks the Father that we would be one as they are.

The Kingdom of heaven was imminent and much-needed.

Glorious meetings followed which can be seen on my Facebook wall. In one meeting a girl, aged 20, burst into tears at the altar. She was born with a deaf ear. God opened it in a moment. Hallelujah!

There was even a lady at a prayer house without arches in her feet who received new arches — wow! Truly nothing is impossible!

United Kingdom
From there I headed to Bristol in the UK to support my friend Doug, a fellow Bethel alumni, at Release Academy. He asked me to “come blow it up!”

We had so much fun! I preached, taught, shared and we took them for some street preaching and outreach in Glastonbury — a famous New Age spot. On the way someone treated us to some yummy Bobotie! Jesus! ha!

Watch how God touched this man!

We also sang in the oldest church in Europe, which was followed with some open-air preaching! Woohooo!

The Friday night I was invited to speak at Wildfire – need I say more?! It was glorious! Miracles broke out everywhere towards the end… Just like Pentecost — we waited and then He came! In a matter of minutes three deaf people with hearing aids were healed!!!

You can watch the full service online.

I visited Bath and Whitney for some sightseeing with a friends — fun.

What is also so profound is how God is able to connect people all around the world. Two years ago I met a South African lady in California. On this trip God opened the way for me to go speak to her very small kids group and youth group. I traveled for hours for those small meetings in Gravesend, but how great it was. If it is on the Father’s heart  it should never not be on ours. None of them were born again, but after the one girls eye got healed, which caused her and her friends to all burst into tears’, everyone wanted to invite Jesus into their lives as Lord and Saviour. Hallelujah!

Back on the train to head over to my friend Doug’s wedding on a beautiful beach and then back to Southampton early the next morning to preach at “Victory Gospel Church”. The last meetings for the Tour!

The anointing! Wow! I myself was rocked by God in the worship time — I found myself weeping for revival prostrate before the Lord. There was a mighty rushing of His presence that came into that place! Many came to the altar for salvation — some from a rehab, whot had been brought to the meeting especially. It was heavenly!

The day I flew I literally spoke for a half hour at “Faith Bites” and got whisked off to the airport!

Glory! What an amazing time to be alive! I believe the UK will never be the same again!

Together, as one with Christ and with the body, may we see the greatest harvest and outpouring, as we continue to run this race and declare “The Kingdom is at hand!”

Until next month!

Love & Fire


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