Pentecost fire with an Africa shape in Eersterivier prayer walk

A Pentecost Sunday prayer walk  gathering in Eersterivier, Cape Town takes the shape of the map of Africa.

Brenda of the Daughters of Eersteriver (DOER) group, filed this report on a Pentecost prayer walk last Sunday in Eersterivier, Cape Town

It was just after 6.30am when the first prayer warriors arrived at the Total Fuel station on Stratford Ave, Eersteriver.

Very quickly it was just red everywhere you looked. Armed with red flags, masks, shofars and music, we were ready to leave. My two daughters, Chloe and Chaelee, carried the cross, prophetically representing the generation of young women following in our footsteps.

Most of the women didn’t know each other but the unity in spirit was tangible in the atmosphere. Expectations and excitement was all over them. Even the male personnel of the fuel station took a moment to listen to what was being said.

After the prayer walk, we gathered in a cul-de-sac next to Van Riebeeck Rd, which turned out to form the outline of Africa (see above photo), with the cross “planted” in the middle.

A prophetic word regarding revival, Kingdom finances, the restoration of the spiritual heritage of the Khoi, Israel, Healing and much more was shared.

We built a prayer altar and some were allowed to give a small testimony of their stones. I was lead by Holy Spirit to lay a stone, painted with the Star of David, and said a prayer for Israel. The women laid their stones and the men anointed (with oil brought from Israel 7 years ago) and dedicated the altar to the Lord.

See building of prayer altar:

We also followed prayer guidelines provided by Jericho Walls. Different intercessors from the group were asked to pray.

After we had communion, we prophetically walked and danced around “Africa”, followed by seven shofar blasts. Two shofar blowers positioned with their backs to the south, blew “northwards over the continent of Africa”. We all followed by shouting the Name of JESUS!

The Father confirmed His blessed presence through a prophetic word. We were in awe. Every prophetic action was confirmed by Scripture, words of knowledge or inward testifying of the Holy Spirit.

Our joy was uncontainable.We danced before the Lord for what He has done.

One of the brothers released us with the priestly blessing [Numbers 6: 22-27] and we left, knowing that we’ll never be the same again. All the glory belongs to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

Love from Brenda and the DOER group.
Eersteriver, Cape Town.


Communities throughout South Africa took to the streets on Pentecost Sunday, heeding a call to join a move of prayer walking that started in Cape Town during lockdown exercise time. In this picture, people from Kewtown in Athlone, Cape Town worship God on the streets on Pentecost Sunday.

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  1. May your beautiful spirit of unity and determination to see God’s Glory be multiplied throughout South Africa.