Piperjames writes shoeshine book to fund Mighty Men road-trips

Piperjames in full regalia on Signal Hill in Cape Town.

‘Boot and Shoeshine Tips for Mighty Men of God’ is the unusual name of an unusual e-book by Piperjames.

The author, who is also well-known as the War Piper for Mighty Men, says he wrote it to raise funds for his one-man road trips to Mighty Men events all over South Africa and beyond where he supports the organisers and men in general.

Drawing on his experience growing up in a military family, Piperjames shares tried-and-tested shoeshine tips that have been passed down from generation to generation that will help “any foot soldier of the army of Jesus Christ to keep his boots, shoes and leather belts etc. in ‘tip top’ condition.”

The book also contains stories about feet and shoes gleaned from the Bible and other sources.

Bees waxed drill boots — an illustration from the e-book.

Piperjames says the 52-page pdf e-book provides  Mighty Men with lifeskills worthy of passing down to their sons — and even their daughters.

Donations by people who order the e-Book “helps me ‘along the road’ so to speak, as I travel on foot or by hitch-hiking and sleeping at various ‘stop-over’s’ in villages and towns along the way. As I travel I ‘Herald’ the coming of Jesus Christ through my bagpiping to the people.

“I then alert all that comes into contact with me personally, informing them about the Mighty Men Conference that I am heading for and that they should go there too,” says Piperjames.

Anybody who wants to acquire the book should email Piperjames at piperjames@live.com

During his 35 years of playing the Great Highland Bagpipes Piperjames has played at Queen Elizabeth’s dinner table, the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (as the lone piper), the opening of the South African Parliament, and more recently at Mighty Men Conferences in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

“Saved less than two years ago by Mighty Men in the Paarl in the Western Cape of South Africa and through my wife Ina, I now make a ‘noise for God’; playing the Bagpipes for Jesus whenever and wherever I can. I aim to bring the Word of the Lord through music and by dressing up in Traditional Highland Garb in the Official Mighty Men Tartan,” he says.

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