Pretoria pulling out all the stops to prepare for ‘It’s Time’

Burning grass at the Rhino Park airfield in preparation for the big It’s Time Pretoria prayer day on Saturday October 27.

Pretoria is going all-out to get ready for the biggest prayer gathering the country has yet to witness, said Mario Steyn, one of the organisers of the It’s Time prayer meeting on October 27.

With just a fortnight to go there is still a lot to do, but the team is excited about the progress already made, he said.

Organisers are preparing for up to five million people who could pray together on Rhino Park airfield on the eastern outskirts of Pretoria, which requires planning on an unprecedented scale.

Steyn said five of South Africa’s top event management companies are helping to instal the biggest audio system ever to be used on the African continent.

Preparing for an act of God
“We are preparing for an act of God – and we would rather be overdressed for the party, than underdressed,”  he said.

Another massive undertaking is to the preparation of the grounds for entrance, parking and ablution.

An aerial view of Rhino Park airfield.

“We use about 4 000 litres of diesel a day as the team are building 17 new roads and two bridges to accommodate the heavy traffic flow.”

View below the It’s Time music video created by Heinz Winckler, Loyiso Bala and Neville D:

Steyn says a fleet of vehicles like graders, tippers and tractors is at their disposal to do this.

“We are so thankful for the community who have already opened their hearts and wallets to make this event a success.”

He said just last week they got a donation of 30 000 litres of diesel – worth about half a million rand, to help them complete the project.

Still need help
“We still need the help of the public, as we need at least 300 000 rolls of toilet paper for the ablution facilities.”

He invited the community to get involved in any way possible.

“We need volunteers on the day to help us navigate traffic, and we also need a large amount of droppers to allocate the parking lots.”

He encouraged the community to go the website where they will find all the information they need to attend the event and also how they can get involved.

Steyn said it is vital to register for a free ticket at iTickets when going to the event.

“The ticket will just help us to control traffic flow.”

He said parking will be available in different time slots.

“You can select the time slot in which you want to arrive and a parking block will then be allocated to you. The earlier you arrive, the closer you will be to the venue. People will be able to enter the grounds as early as 03:00 in the morning.”

Steyn is convinced God ordained this meeting. “A few years ago, after I organised the Loftus for Jesus event, God already prepared me to become part of this event.”

He said that during the stadium event a stranger approached him.

“The man told me that according to God this gathering is still small and that God has an even bigger event in mind.”

Steyn knew that when Angus Buchan, got a word from God to gather the people, that it was indeed true.

“God told Uncle Angus that he urgently wants to meet with His people – a divine appointment.”

Steyn said that although miracles may take place, it should not be the main motivating reason for people to attend.

“We serve God, God does not serve us – We have to let God be God.”

He said it is time for God’s people to gather in unity and show God the true colours of their heart.

“We have to show God that we are willing to repent and trust Him to change our nation. Change will not come from the government; it will be borne out of love, in the hearts and minds of those who serve the Lord.”


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