Cape Town pro-life activist gets another summons days before court date


Resolute Christian pro-life activist Peter Throp has been issued with another summons by the City of Cape Town — this time for parking his so-called ‘pro-life mobile’ outside Marie Stopes abortion clinic in Bree Street, Cape Town on Tuesday morning (March 4, 2014).

BREAKING NEWS: The Cape Town High Court today (Friday, March 7, 2014) upheld an appeal by Christian pro-life activist Peter Throp against a conviction in February last year for damaging property by placing pro-life stickers over illegal abortion stickers. The City of Cape Town hounded and threatened him for months, and the Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, ignored his appeal for them to rather join him in protecting women from the illegal abortionists. In February, 2013, a Cape Town magistrate sentenced him to a fine of R5 000 or 3 months imprisonment suspended for 5 years. See statement released by Throp after the Supreme Court upheld his appeal.

The latest move by the City to curb Throp’s anti abortion campaigning came just days before his appeal hearing in the Cape Town High Court tomorrow (Friday, March 7) against his conviction, in February 2013, for damaging municipal property by placing pro-life stickers over illegal abortion stickers. In that matter a Cape Town magistrate fined him R5 000 or three months imprisonment suspended for five years.

In this week’s summons, the City says that it inspected his car in front of Marie Stopes at 6.30am on Tuesday, and found that he has contravened Section B of the Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-Law because he has not obtained written approval for the pro-life signage on the vehicle. The signage includes the statements ‘Abortion is evil’, ‘Value Life’, ‘Silence on abortion is not golden, it is yellow’, ‘Expose lies, lift up truth’ and ‘Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” ‘.

Legal advice
Throp says he has sought legal advice regarding the latest summons. However, he observes that his intensive daily weekday prayer campaign in front of Marie Stopes has been running for just three months short of four years, during which time he has made more than 900 trips to the clinic.

“It has been a good run for the ‘truth’. Maybe God wants to give me a new strategy so that the unborn can be heard, because right now, with the appeal tomorrow, and what I have witnessed, there are a lot of people, Christians included, who just want that right to kill. They are so blind and living in darkness that they don’t want to relate to the extent of the killing.”

Graphically describing the horror of the abortion procedure in which babies are legally killed, he comments: “As you can see,  it’s all very sad for me.” An estimated 1,2 million babies have been legally killed by abortion in South Africa since 1997.

It is likely that this week’s action against Throp by the City of Cape Town follows a complaint against the clinic which has a track record of calling law enforcement authorities when pro-life prayer vigils and pickets have been held near its premises.

Speculating on the latest notice served on his vehicle, Throp says  it “seems to have something to do with ‘third party advertising” because I park it outside the clinic every morning until 9 am. The powers that be seem to want to classify it from a ‘vehicle’ to a ‘transit’ sign. However, I have got to wait for the Advocate to look at the By-law very closely. It means that all the advertising on the taxis and delivery vehicles are acceptable, but because mine carries me to the clinic and is parked there with me, it loses its ‘vehicle’ status under clause 64 of the By-law.”

The notice orders Throp to remove the signage from his vehicle or stop parking in front of Marie Stopes, failing which court action may be taken.

Peter Throp sent this photo to Gateway News showing advertising material on the wall of Marie Stopes Clinic. The caption reads: 'Be empowered'. Throp comments: 'Empowered to kill'.
Peter Throp sent this photo to Gateway News showing advertising material on the wall of Marie Stopes Clinic. The caption reads: ‘Be empowered’. Throp comments: ‘Empowered to kill’.
He also sent this photo of his 'pro-life mobile' parked outside the clinic. His photo caption:"My response to their advertising!"
He also sent this photo of his ‘pro-life mobile’ parked outside the clinic. His photo caption:”My response to their advertising!”


  1. The DA Cape Town can forget about my vote. As in their illegal opposition to homeschooling, they have shown they are just ANCE lite.

    • I intended voting for the DA, however, if this is there attitude – promoting the killing children – Helen has certainly lost my vote. Don’t quite know where to go; ANC is a no go and now there goes the DA as well…

      • Vote for a Christian party i.e. ACDP or FF.

      • The DA does not promote killing children, that is ridiculous. The DA is defending one’s right to choose. What if someone is raped and then forced to raise a child born of that heinous crime. What would life be like for that child? Whose very existence is a constant reminder of that horrible experience. What of congenital disorders? Should a woman be forced to go through labor, and then have the child die in her arms upon birth (which could have been avoided if a bunch of cells had been destroyed a few weeks in). These women deserve the right to have a choice. And they have a right not to be harassed by religious zealots in what is already a very difficult time for them.

        • Jerry, Your sentiments regarding rape victims and congentital disorders are valid, and this is not a simple issue. However, of the claimed 1,2 million SA abortions, I’m pretty sure that the overwhelming majority are not rape victims/congential issues, but more ‘convenience abortions’. This ‘convenience’ is still not an easy choice for a woman, but the issue at stake is the value of human life.

        • I know a child born of rape, who was saved from abortion just in time, he delights his adopted single mother, is top academically, & sports wise, is loving & caring, loves God and brings great joy to many. No one has any right to takr an innocent life. If we do, then
          What’s to sto killing Down’s syndrome, or physically disabled or deaf or blind kids out of the womb or anyone who is dysfunctional for that matter??

        • Just so you know, statistics show that less than 4% of abortions are done because of rape. Secondly most pregnancies are found out a lot further along than just a “clup of cells” …most when there is a heartbeat… and thirdly, it has been proven that the procedure although said to be safe, in a lot of cases causes irreversible damage to a woman’s body, and lastly there is also adoption. I know it is a difficult thing, but I hope you’ll look at this

        • Dear Jerry, It’s not about having permission to choose, Go to see ‘I am afraid of this indisputable pro-choice argument” by Mat Walsh. Friday March 7th 2014. Also view the debate between Peter Kreeft Vs David Boonin www. You may then, see the light of how sinful and wrong the DA really is.

      • cool, when you get raped and fall pregnant lets have this conversation again?????

        • Dear Devon as the jews say did you “open the door to your mind” and at least read the link stated. “How will you know who is knocking if you don’t at least open the door.”

          • Would these be the same Jews who believe that the soul enters the body with the first breath (as per Genesis where Adam got life breathed into him by god) and thus have absolutely no moral problem with abortion because they don’t see it as a human life until after the first breath (which is obviously only after birth) ?

            If you’re going to cite other people’s belief systems to support your own (nevermind having the oppressive gall to imagine your belief system should be dictated onto other people who may not share it and with complete disregard for science) then you should at least be educated enough to know what those belief systems actually *are*.

            By the way – the old testament actually *specifically* allows abortion in several situations – notably rape or where the mother’s life would be endangered by the pregnancy (for rape it actually goes a step *further* than abortion – I would say a giant leap) and allows stoning the child at birth.

          • Dear AJ. The comment re open the mind is only men’t to remind one to search for knowledge, so as to avoid ones logic being vrot. May God Grace you.

  2. No weapon formed against you will prosper! If God opens a door nobody can close it! The truth will be revealed! GOD will have his say! Keep the faith Peter, God is with you!

  3. Hi Peter,
    We are so proud of you in taking this bold stand for Jesus. You are a huge blessing to our city and nation. Don’t be afraid even when you stand alone. Ephesians 6:14 for you – “Stand Therefore, having girded your waist with truth” Keep up the good work.

    From your friends at God’s Army Christian Books & Coffee Shop, Bree Street, CT

    • My dear friend, I feel your pain. Take Jesus words in John 3 verse 36 and discern with Him. “Who ever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever disobeys the Son will not see life,but must endure God’s wrath” NRSV God Bless. Peter Throp

  4. More and more convinced that Helen will not get my support

  5. Eljo Engelbrecht

    Peter you are doing the right thing. May God bless your hard work and open the eyes of our nation’s woman. Abortion is murder.

  6. Rev Ian Karshagen

    Exposed! Politics doesn’t hold the answer. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! Come on folks, the fight for righteousness and justice has begun by people like Peter T. Come on Church, let’s get behind such folks, as we have the authority in Jesus Name! PS-By the way, well done Peter!

  7. Jesus said the sick need a docter not the heathly . Your reward in heaven

  8. Im with mr throp on standing his ground … appalled that the marie stopes clinic has such pull within our city’s leadership to try such a low-down underhanded move … maybe we should all take sometime to buy pro-life stickers and go park there in mr throps place hehehehehe daily until his court case is finished …

  9. Interesting that abortion clinics are in decline in the US. Ultra-sound and other modern medical technologies have revolutionised the way we view conception and pregnancy, but the pro-choice movement is still living in the 1970s. They say the millennial generation is increasingly pro-life. The world is slowly realising that one doesn’t have the right to take another’s life, even if it is growing inside of one. Nowadays, even atheist philosophers are arguing against the ‘pro-choice’ position!

  10. Since when do you need written permission to put signage on your own car? The abortion clinic knows what they’re doing is wrong, they just can’t handle being reminded of the truth, the worst is that they use the state to fight their battles for them!

  11. By the way, it’s important people see that he is saying that “ABORTION IS EVIL” He did not once say to a lady “You are evil” . God hates the taking of innocent life, but loves this whole world, we can repent and run into His arms.

  12. If we were to find a microscopic single celled organism on another planet, it would be celebrated as finding LIFE on another planet… Yet… In the womb of a woman it is referred to as a “clump of cells” and not having life.

  13. Strange phenomenon that the City of Cape Town pursues one man try to save lives, willing to pay for court procedures whilst funding could have been utilized for the bettering the conditions of communities. Just wondering about priorities…?