Pro-life activists continue sticker campaign despite prosecution warning

On Saturday, September 1, Value Life activists identified 78 illegal abortion notices that have been placed along a 600 m stretch of Voortrekker Road, Belville, in the 3 weeks since they were ordered to stop placing their pro-life stickers over the illegal notices.

Christian pro-life activists in Cape Town say they will continue to place stickers over illegal abortion advertisements despite a warning by the City that they should stop or face prosecution.

The City has taken a rigid stance that is “sad and negative for the well-being of our nation, but it will not deter us” says Value Life spokesman Peter Throp in an email sent to several media representatives and the City yesterday.

He says that on Monday (September 3) his pro-life group placed Value Life stickers over illegal notices in Vasco Boulevard and in Goodwood near the library in an area where schoolchildren walk.

“I feel morally obligated to continue doing this as I see no resolve to the City cleaning the environment of this filth,” he says.

The standoff between Value Life activists and the City has developed since August 9 when a VRCID official confronted pro-lifers who were placing stickers over illegal abortion advertisements in Voortrekker Road, Belville. He ordered them to stop and in subsequent emails, City officials have warned Throp that the group will be prosecuted for contravening the Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law if they continue with their sticker campaign.

In an email to several media representatives and the City of Cape Town yesterday, Value Life spokesman Peter Throp says that at least 78 new illegal abortion notices have been put up in the area where his team was stopped from placing its Value Life stickers. He says he informed Chief Environmental Officer Debbie Evans of the new illegal abortion notices and other illegal notices via email on August 27.

“I do not believe that the City of Cape Town or any other local authority in our country has the will or the resources to clean up this filth and protect our loved ones. This evil shows our Nation to be insensitive to the public and in fact, through lack of action, shows dehumanising the population,” he continues.

Throp calls on local authorities to demonstrate resolve to tackle the problem by appealing to the Government for help.

He proposes that a centralised database of illegal abortionists be established and used to cut off the criminals’ phone services and to prosecute them.

Meanwhile his group will continue to place Value Life stickers over illegal abortion advertisements “to maintain awareness of the necessity to eliminate this filth from our environment”.

“Value Life will also continue to take the mission message to the public, in particular to  high school pupils who are probably the most vulnerable potential victims, thus preventing butchering and possible death of members of our community,” he concludes.

In previous correspondence with the City, Throp has argued that the Value Life sticker campaign is legal because the stickers are placed over illegal advertisements and not directly onto municipal property. The City disputes this view.

Gateway News has asked the City of Cape Town to comment on Throp’s latest email.


  1. O,my brothers and sisters, may the LORD find you busy warning this world when HE comes back. He who loves this world is an enemy of GOD. Let us make it out for ourselves: Are we ashamed of our MASTER or are we standing and willing on behalf of HIM and HIS KINGDOM. He who knows what is right and does nothing about it, to him it is sin.

  2. I completely agree with the Value Lifes stance on the abortion stickers. The City seems to be looking for a soft target when it comes to illegal notices on public lamp post, buildings, etc. how is it that it is impossible to track these people who pray on the lives of other when they leave their phone numbers in plain view of everybody. simply amazing. is there a lack of will on the part of the City of Cape Town to prosecute the illegal activities of backdoor abortion “clinics”? It seems so, yet they are willing to prosecute to the full extent of the law, those citizens they are supposed to serve. the mind boggles. i pray for Value Life to continue their work. God Bless.