Pro-life doctor urges Christians to lay charges against illegal abortion advertisers

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Dr Faan Oosthuizen.

Dr Faan Oosthuizen does not compromise when he talks about abortion or Christians’ general unwillingness to stand up against abortion.

“God commands us: Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; Defend the rights of the poor and needy; Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

We will, therefore, be in rebellion and disobedient, like the abortionists, if we do nothing,” says Oosthuizen.

He is encouraging every Christian in every community and town, in every church in South Africa to stand-up in the name of our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ and take action by laying charges against the people illegally advertising and performing abortions.

Model charge
Faan has drawn-up a model charge that requests the SAPS to fulfil their mandate by arresting the illegal abortionists and by prosecuting them accordingly. 

He says so many towns are riddled and soiled with the pamphlets of illegal abortion services on walls, lamp posts, trees, trains, taxi-ranks, and bus-shelters advertising “safe, pain free and same day abortions”.

The vast majority of these adverts and the abortions offered are illegal but have been allowed to continue for years, even while the cellphone numbers of the transgressors are clearly displayed. 

He tells of a pastor in KwaZulu-Natal who managed to get a Mary Stopes clinic closed through the effort of the congregation. The pastor said: “Abortion happens because the Christians allow it to happen”.

Oosthuizen reminds us that Jesus Christ said “what is done to the least of my brethren is done to Me” (Mathew 25:40).

Abortion also aborts and rejects God,” says Oosthuizen.

He contends that the spiritual state of a church and the position Jesus is given in the church is illustrated and proved by the place of the least in the church.

“In view of this, Jesus is rejected in practically all churches and deep confession, repentance and changes are required for not speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and rescuing those being led away to death,” says Faan.

How his pro-life work began
He explains how his work for the Lord to bring an end to abortions began.

“In 1997 I had a revelation of Jesus being crucified on the cross, full of wounds having been severely beaten. Then He showed me that it is my sins, which did it to Him. The way I have treated His least, I have treated Him.

“Many years ago I worked at a certain school where there were disabled children at a time that it was legal to conduct an abortion if a child was totally handicapped, raped or had fallen pregnant as a result of incest, so we conducted some legal abortions.

“As I remembered the abortion of those children, I remembered Jesus saying to me what was done to His least was done to Him.

“Furthermore, Jesus said what I did to the Word, because the Word became flesh, I also did to Him, so If I broke the Word of God I also broke Him, which shook me very deeply and changed my whole life.”

The following year Oosthuizen stopped working in the medical profession and started visiting those medical practitioners conducting abortions to try and show them the error of their ways.

“They were surprised to be confronted by me as they said nobody from the church had ever engaged them on the issue further than protesting with placards on the street.

“After a year I ran out of money and moved to Bloemfontein where I worked in the casualty ward of a state hospital in 2005.

“I attended to a young women whom I thought had a miscarriage, but I found out that she had attended the abortion clinic next door in the same hospital where a doctor had given her abortion pills.

“However, she had not aborted during the day and was told by the doctor that if she aborts during the night she should go to  the casualty section where she would be attended to, which is how she ended up being attended by me.”

Oosthuizenn says she had already aborted when he examined her. The aborted child, a perfectly formed beautiful little boy of about 20 weeks, lay wrapped in a towel dead, but with an angelic smile on his face.

“When I opened that towel, I heard the same words that I had heard in 1997: “What is done to the least of My brethren is done to Me”.

“I realised I was working in a system in which my colleagues next door and my bosses were issuing abortion pills, killing babies, and doing the same to Jesus and I was working with them in the same abortion process and system.

“I realised that I could not continue, so I immediately wrote a letter and sent it to my supervisors, managers and colleagues saying how unethical and unprofessional it is for someone to start an abortion and leave it to others to complete the procedure.

“Furthermore, I said what was being done to the children was being done to God and if we were silent we were participating and accomplices.”

Protests and pickets
He then started organizing anti-abortion protests and picketing in front of the hospital.

Oosthuizen says the letter and protests caused a major furore and he was eventually fired.

At an arbitration hearing he was found guilty on several counts of misconduct. However, on appeal it was found that Faan had acted within his rights and he was reinstated.

“After six months back at work I felt I could not work in an institution in which abortions were being authorised, carried-out, and condoned.”

Oosthuizen started campaigning against abortions in Bloemfontein by contacting churches and explaining the issue, but received very little support or response.

Nevertheless, Oosthuizen continued with the anti-abortion campaign together with a small group called the Free State Pro-Life Network, which is an association of people who are actively pro-life and committed to defend and protect the life of each unborn child by all Biblical, peaceful, constitutional and legal means possible. The group actively oppose and endeavour to end abortion on demand.

However, Oosthuizen has also changed tack with this a new campaign aimed at getting people to lay charges against illegal abortionists — and putting pressure on police to take action.

Oosthuizen says the apartheid and slavery laws did not make those evils right or moral. In the same way, the Acts allowing abortion do not make it right or acceptable.

“Every abortion is ending the life of a human being and is therefore murder. Human life needs to be protected and defended by every person respecting God and by those respecting his fellow man, no matter how small that person is and where that person is living.

“Defending the lives of the weakest and smallest who cannot speak for themselves, who cannot defend themselves and who even have laws allowing their killing, needs special effort from us.

“We are compelled to act on behalf of the unborn babies about to be killed – at least to act against those doing it ‘illegally’.”

Oosthuizen is encouraging members of every congregation, community and town in South Africa to take action and lay charges against the people illegally advertising and performing abortions. They can download and use the model charge he has drawn up. It is available on the Facebook pages of the Free State Pro-Life Network or request it from him via e-mail.

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  1. I read this somewhere as to why should Governments protect life? It is very appropriate here and honours a fearless man who truly loves and obeys his King. Just keep serving my brother Faan. “All human beings have basic, natural rights-the most fundamental of these is the right to life. The right to life belongs not only to the strong and the powerful. It belongs to all human beings regardless of age, dependency, or ability. The Government exists to protect our natural rights and has a duty to protect the weak from the strong. We all benefit when the law respects the dignity and value of every human life. Government should protect the right to life because it is the foundation of all other liberties.”
    I have inserted this quote in my Bible at the forefront of the letter James Ch.1 vs. 12-18
    God bless you all. Peter (Value Life)