Prophetess Courage preaches message of prayer and fasting

prophetess courage
Prophetess Courage Makhubele.

Prophetess Courage Makhubele from Giyani township in Limpopo province is not an average woman — she is called by God to foretell the future and deliver the oppressed through prayer and fasting.

She says she had many challenges while growing up at Makhuva village 50 kilometres away from Giyani township where as a young person she could predict future events and sometimes detect illness in people.

She qualified as a nursing sister but says she had to abandon her job as a nurse because of the burden the lord had placed over her.

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“I wanted to work to support my children but I fell sick many times at work. I became better when I obeyed the voice of the lord to become a prophetess of God,” she says.

Prophetess Courage says that while she was a nurse she sometimes became sick and could not eat or drink for days. Once she was in a coma for several days. There was no cure for her illness until she obeyed God’s call on her life. She says she did not want to be like Jonah.

Impactful church
Today she leads the Divine Deliverance church, a church she established in the affluent section of Giyani township. The church makes an impact in the community through soul winning, counselling of young drug and alcohol addicts, family crisis counselling and through a poverty alleviation programme that collects food and clothing for poor people.

Courage also conducts marriage counselling, urging spouses to be faithfull to God and to each other, and to be transparent and open in their relationships.

“Marriage is founded on the Word of God and [married couples] become the backbone of society, she says.

Many young men and women attend midweek services conducted by Courage and her assistant pastor, Ruth, where they receive Godly counsel and prophetic words.

“God is doing wonders. Many people have been delivered of their ailments, marital problems, business problems, alcoholism, drugs, barrenness, and lack of peace in their families.”she says.

She has launched a miracle programme on Wednesdays where people pray to God without ceasing and are taught how to fast without relenting.

The prophetess says prayer is behind the successes they see, including souls being saved daily and the opening of a number of new branches of the church.

“You have to pray without ceasing in order to reap spiritually. This is a spiritual warfare. It is not by might but by the Spirit of God in us,” she says.

Prayer mountains
Her frail-looking body attests to what she does so often — fast and pray. She has been to prayer mountains many times and members of the church are accustomed to prayer and fasting  which equips them to go out and win lost souls through testifying and preaching the Word.

Courage’s busy ministry schedule keeps on expanding. She preaches in Gauteng and many parts of South Africa and she hopes to venture into the international arena to prophesy and promote intensive prayer and fasting. Her eldest son, Elijah, is also a prophet, songwriter and singer, and has released his first album ‘Aba gijime Volume 1”.

Courage claims that she once died and saw a vision of heaven.In the vision she says she was told to go and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

She says God says there is hope for everyone — for South Africa and the world if people would walk in His ways and be holy in their lives.

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  1. she is indeed a women of God, I’ve attanded an all night prayer session with her on the 15th of April 2016 and believe me the message/word that was shared by her was inspring and touching. she is trully a women of God. The annointing was too much, my family and I felt more blessed