Prophetic thoughts for 2021 — Marian Fitz-Gibbon

2021 has started and quite honestly, as I sat with the LORD, I contemplated what the year would look like and I was rather overwhelmed as to what I should share. I couldn’t say I heard: “Thus sayeth the Lord” but rather I had a whole lot of thoughts that covered different areas I had pondered with the Lord. So, I thought I would share those with you.

It all started back in December 2020 when I’d been listening to a group of global prophets discussing 2021 and what amazed me about their perspectives was how they all seemed so certain about which way we were going. And yet there was an air of clear uncertainty at the same time. It reminded me of Joshua getting ready to take the land and getting to the top of the hill and discovering he was full of uncertainty. The Lord told him to be bold and full of courage and face his fears.

During this time, I was busy tidying up a shelf and came across some old cassette tapes with some prophecies which sidetracked me and left me feeling a little like Joshua. I realised I needed some reassurance. I stopped to listen to the old tapes: they were from Scott Webster, James Treadwell, Janet Brann, Ron Robinson, Tannie Elsie and Charlotte Cronk and a few others. Quite a line up!

The prophetic words were full of detail about how to take the land, how to be full of courage and how to go into chaotic situations to bring order and how to be bold, and how to speak the Word of God to disappointed people and those needing healing, uplifting and restoration.  I thought these words were either unfulfilled or they were so powerful they could be applied to any season. I was filled with faith, and I dare say I’m delighted to share some of this wisdom with you now. 

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Godly instruction is clear and precise. I really think it can help us move forward as we stand at the top of the hill facing an old enemy — this time it’s called Covid-19 not apartheid or political tyranny. The Word of God in Psalm 91 says we fight our battles with weapons that are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds, we’re not afraid though a thousand may fall at our side, ten thousand at our right hand, but it will not come near us.

Put on the helmet of salvation

Most importantly, having the helmet of salvation means that you have the mind of Jesus Christ. Since you are born again, your mind is being renewed daily so that your thinking conforms to the image and thoughts of Jesus Christ. Our minds are renewed daily when we obey and trust in God’s Word. In our current circumstances we need to ask the Lord for His battle plan in overcoming Covid-19. What does He want to achieve through it all despite the enemy’s tactics? Every battle has a different strategy. 

Renewing the mind

In applying our minds to the current battle it is critical that we think clearly and ask good questions — one of which is: where is this “truth” originating from and WHO owns this “truth”?  If Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free, then would it not be wise to ask whether something will free me within the constraints of my chosen society or whether it will bring me into a place of bondage regardless of WHO said it? Questions like these will increase as millions face their mortality. As Christians it is our privilege to be part of the solution in sharing the Truth.  We must not be afraid of debate. We can’t afford to do what the enemy does which is control by fear and ridicule in debate and ultimately silence us. 

Covid-19 a perfect storm for conspiracy theories

As the global count of Covid-19 infections heads towards the 100 million mark, the pandemic has created what the World Health Organisation calls an “infodemic”, giving conspiracy groups a bigger platform than ever. It’s not helpful to say the WHO said it or Dr so-and-so. Today people have time on their hands to research and come to their own conclusions regarding postulated theories. Yes, on the other hand we are in a perfect storm where the permutations are not adding up and we do need to choose who we submit to. This is a practice run for other issues that we will face in future. Imagine for a moment your economic status must be equal to all other people?  Imagine if your housing, clothing, food is controlled by a single governing body? And what of your beliefs? We must learn to think, research, ask questions and find the truth and be a bearer of all truth. Even if it means you enter a debate! Just because a person holds a degree from an institution, or a title, it does not give them the final say over your life unless you agree to such. There must be proper governing institutions with legal credibility that align with our beliefs. 

Bible schools and colleges

The intense quest for truth will give rise to the opportunity of Bible schools and colleges — both on the ground and virtual — to open. Discernment will increase as Christians press into the presence of the Lord.  We have already seen wolves in sheep clothing with the intent to scatter and deceive the sheep enter the Body of Christ.  May I remind you of cases being held in our courts! The word says: “my sheep know my voice and harken not to another”. This is, of course, the voice of the Holy Spirit. Jude encourages us to pray in the Spirit in order to rise higher and higher. This basically gives us an aerial view from which to spot a deceiver among us and view from God’s perspective. 

Our future minds on the pages of the books

A few years ago, I felt the Lord impress upon my spirit to encourage writers to write for the younger generation.  To share Biblical truths in ‘’youthful’’ language.  Rather like C S Lewis did. The Lord reminded me of this again as I looked at my bookshelf.  It’s obvious we must capture the minds and imaginations of our youth for Christ. Start groups, have illustration classes, writing workshops. For the sake of their eternal life, for the sake of the nations.  I encourage you as a techie to develop apps and create movies and music with a biblical base. It is a critical hour we live in. Now is the time to create and develop with creativity before the doors shut. You know all too well, if you want a nation, you reach the youth. 

Breastplate of righteousness

The breastplate of righteousness is part of the armour of God that the Bible talks about in Ephesians 6:10-20. Verses 13-14 speaks specifically of the breastplate of righteousness: ‘’Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.’’  The breastplate is traditionally used to protect the vital organs in battle. In the Covid-19 battle our lungs are most vulnerable. But having done that, the word of God knew that we would face this battle long before 2021. Whenever we face an issue where we have need of victory it’s vital, we check that our vitals are in right standing with the Lord. I recently received the most pertinent piece of music from a dear friend Carol Parley Broom regarding the issues of the heart.  You can listen to it below – I found I needed a bunch of keys to change my heart before I could move on. 


I believe in 2021 we will find that prayer will take on a very strategic format. We will not be in a place where we will be weary but it will become part of our lifestyle. There will be new initiatives and they’ll be fruitful. War rooms will be established and will have laser-sharp focus with documented successes. It’s a good idea to watch the film War Room and may I add a very helpful book to read is “Who am I? which can be ordered from the author, Elize-Marie Muller at or as an e-book from (Kindle readers)  or This book will assist you to approach prayer from a non-performance position based on your identity in Christ. Timothy says that we should wage a good warfare with the words spoken over us. It’s like being a gunner in the army and having a laser focus on the enemy. We strike with the Word of God and the sword goes forth and accomplishes that which it is intended to do. We are not afraid “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” — 2 Timothy 1:7

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May you all be blessed beyond measure as we win our battles with Jesus the Captain of Hosts.


  1. So Blessed to know you..such pearls from Gods heart to you’re .and now mine…

    • Hi Anne, your words of encouragement are “like apples of gold in settings of silver “ Proverbs
      Art is so therapeutic in these times – many will find the Lord with a brush in hand.
      Love Marian

  2. Thank you for urging us to have “the mind of Christ” in facing Covid. Some refuse to wear a mask because they believe the promise of Psalm 91″. They need to have the mind of Christ who refused to trust the promise of Psalm 91 and foolishly jump from the roof of the temple (Luke 4:9-12). The mind of Christ does not permit reckless ‘testing’ of God’s promises. Thank you for urging us to have “the mind of Christ”. Faith and Wisdom belong together, and a Concordance shows that the Scripture gives equal weight to both.

    • Greetings Hugh, It is a challenge when one is with unwise folk. Whilst you didn’t ask me for advice I have burning idea for your Psalm 91 friends. You get a pile of face masks with Psalm 91 on the side as a outreach tool. Sell them and it spreads the gospel. Make sure you cover your costs. Have a blessed day.

  3. Carol Pawley Broom

    Love how the song I sent you blessed you so much as it did for me too.

    • Hi Carol, music touches the depths of one’s heart when it’s anointed. We’re in a season of waiting on the Lord for a “new song “ and everything that’s not in tune with Him is a clanging gong. I long for the new. Thanks for being part of the journey. Love Marian

  4. Thanks Marian. So much to consider. Wonderful insights. God bless you.