I will be publishing a quote of the week in this spot every Friday. Just something that caught my eye during the week. Made me smile, or think or say “Amen to that!”  You are welcome to add your own Quote of the Week in the comments below. You are also welcome to comment on the Quote of the Week – Andre.

A major challenge is the lack of a Biblical Christian worldview amongst Christians. Without a Biblical worldview, Christians are unable to discern the times we are living in and more importantly, their critical role in impacting the culture. Many Christians are more influenced by the liberal media than the Word of God. Thus they become apathetic or worse – are critical of Christians who are standing up for righteousness and justice. Instead of recognising this as Biblical advocacy, they see it as judgmentalism.

Errol Naidoo, Family Policy Institute, as quoted in JOY magazine, January 2011


  1. Great idea and site Andre ! May God use this powerfully. like the quote 2 .

  2. Laraine Schwikkard

    interesting to read good news and first time to received it. May God bless you to encouragement the people to know more about the Lord.