Revival happening in Cape Flats — Lindy-Ann Hopley

A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international evangelist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

This month we’ve had an awesome run in South Africa with God moving mightily — especially in the Cape Flats!!!! !

I have seen miracles and salvations in this area like never before. Crusade after crusade! People were in awe of God’s goodness and couldn’t believe their eyes!!!

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We even saw miracles in the schools among children and the teachers! What an amazing month.



What a LIFE-CHANGING experience for the team and I, seeing kids as young as 4-years-old experiencing God and raising their hands accepting Jesus into their hearts as Lord and Saviour!

God has just blessed this project with amazing volunteers, opening doors into schools in Wynberg, Heideveld and Cloetesville — for His revival. I’ve seen amazing restorations and healings — even with teachers from a different religion!!

With the next term right around the corner, we are busy planning and recruiting volunteers, dancers and drama extraordinaires! Wow, what a SUPERNATURAL RADICAL term of change and impact ahead!!!!! GO TERM 2!!



Another great event!! We did a 3-day crusade. The atmosphere was electric! The house was packed! On the first night, we saw a deaf ear open. GOD IS EVERYWHERE!!! He is on the highest mountain and in the lowest valley. He has authority over sickness and disease!! He is changing people’s lives forever, healing them and giving them hope!

Watch this clip and see what GOD did for this lady who was deaf in her one ear!!!

Young and old received miracles. There was a boy in a wheelchair who struggled to walk because his one leg was lame. We prayed for him and he immediately had more movement in his leg. His mom testified that he walked with more movement after we prayed for him! We trust God for complete healing.

Have a look at the clip!

During my last night of preaching, we had a cancer patient that drove for two and a half hour in faith into an unfamiliar and dangerous area for prayer!!! And God touched his life!! We saw a whole row of people whose legs grew out!

God is the ultimate healer and people were in complete awe!!!! We saw so many miracles and testimonies of His wonderful grace for us, His children!!!!



Right in the middle of the Imizamo Yetho township just outside of Hout Bay, we saw God move mountains! On the very first night, the turnout wasn’t that great but God stayed great!!! I received a word of knowledge that someone in the area had paralysis in the right side of their body from a car accident. Everyone started pointing towards a woman in the crowd. She wasn’t a believer but she attended the crusade out of curiosity and heard the word of knowledge. She came to the front and said that her husband was at home, completely paralysed. We started praying for her husband’s paralysis and when she got home her husband was completely healed.

God gave me another word of knowledge that she herself was suffering from a headache, I called a 9-year-old boy to the front and guided him in prayer for her and…..SHE WAS HEALED!!! She gave her life to Jesus. People were amazed, the next night we had a FULL HOUSE!!!!!

One of the most wanted drug dealers in the area, who already had a hit on his life by the locals because he was destroying their children’s lives, was watching the crusade from the shadows in between the shacks AND God touched his heart!!! He came to one of our team members after the event. He said that he needs to change! He wants a different life! Hallelujah. We are trusting God for his salvation!! Jesus is the answer to EVERY SITUATION!!

Miracles wherever we go! Amen!


We had three nights of glory and miracles in Mitchell’s Plain with the YWAM team who did a super cool skid. I had the honour of speaking for two nights and once again miracles happened!!!!! One of my favourite testimonies was when a  pastor attending the event came up because his one ear was completely deaf. I prayed for him and he started to hear!! Many other miracles like this followed and great salvations took place with people weeping at the altar.

Jesus paid the price so that we can be healed! And Some of the people in the crowd couldn’t believe their eyes, seeing a miracle for the very first time.

Testimony brings forth belief!!!! Jesus said that all we need is faith as small as a mustard seed.

Have a look at the awesome clip below…

The time for revival is now! In schools! In homes! Everywhere! Thank you to everyone who is standing in prayer with us for a change in our nation!!!!

God loves everyone and even this week when I was at a 5-star restaurant with delegates from Panama the waiter at the Silo Restaurant gave his life to Jesus. He loves us all — doesn’t matter where we come from or what we do.

I am busy preparing for an India OUTREACH! Connect with me to get involved on

Let His Kingdom come! Amen!!!

Until next month.

Love & Fire
Lindy-Ann Hopley
Beautiful Witness Ministries

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  1. Thank You,Lord Jesus, bless the workers in the harvest field,with is ripe..Bless your humble servant,Lindy-Ann..Hallelujah Amen..