Rhino Park Airfield getting ready for millions for It’s Time Pretoria event

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The question that has been on the mind of millions of South Africans was answered today, with the announcement that the It’s Time Pretoria mass prayer meeting on October 27 will take place on Rhino Park Airfield just outside Pretoria East.

For arguably the single biggest event ever held in South Africa, It’s Time organisers are preparing for a crowd of 5 million.

In addition to the involvement of individuals, churches and businesses, 300 community leaders from Mamelodi gathered last week and committed to mobilise a million residents from Mamelodi alone. They are planning to walk to the event venue.

“Never in South Africa’s history has there been a greater need for people to unite,” says the gathering’s visionary, Angus Buchan. “Peace is fragile, the economy and business confidence are down adversely affecting job opportunities, the poor are becoming poorer, uncertainty and unrealistic demands are emerging, racism is more prevalent and South Africans are punch drunk as a result of fraud and corruption.”

Free parking and camp sites
The infrasructure needed for such a huge gathering is immense. The organisers have therefore decided to simplify the planning as much as possible.

Free parking vouchers are available for access to parking areas on neighbouring farms from where participants will be able to walk to the event site.

Those wishing to arrive early, may camp from October 25 (two days prior to the event) and leave on Sunday October 28 once the traffic has subsided. Free camping tickets are available on www.angusbuchan.co.za.

As there is no charge for attendance, all campers and day visitors should provide their own chairs and cushions, food and beverages. Toilets will be provided on site.

Gates will open on event day at 1am in the morning. The programme starts at 9am and the main meeting is from 12pm to 2pm.

All details about the gathering are available from the website www.angusbuchan.co.za



  1. To ALL South Africans,
    Let us all support this wonderful prayer initiative called by Angus Buchan and pray for our country at Rhino Park Airfield on Saturday 27 October.

  2. If we are serious about our country we need to all be there to call upon God for His help and intervention