SA Christians launch Facebook campaign against Lady Gaga tour

Lady Gaga — Born This Way Ball tour.

News that Lady Gaga plans to perform in South Africa in November and December has sparked a Facebook campaign by South African Christians opposed to the tour.

A Facebook group called Christians Against Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s SA Tour has attracted more than 2 300 members. According to media reports the group held a 4-day “prayer avalanche” to pray against the controversial pop star’s “Born this Way Ball” visit and will meet on July 7 to plan further action.

Gaga’s international “Born this Way Ball” tour has already met opposition from religious groups in Asia, resulting in restrictions in South Korea and forcing her to cancel a sold-out-show in Indonesia because of threats of violence from an Islamic group objecting to her vulgarity.

But last week, less than 24 hours after she announced plans to perform in Johannesburg on November 30 and Cape Town on December 3, excited Gaga fans in South Africa crashed Computicket’s server in their rush to book tickets.

Critics of the South African Facebook campaign against Gaga’s tour have accused the Christians off intolerance. Gaga supporters have pointed out that she is well-know for her charity work. One Gaga fan who posted on the anti-Gaga website says she loves Lady Gaga and she loves Jesus and thanks the Lord for bringing Gaga into her life.

The Internet has a number of pages that state that Gaga is a satan worshiper and that her song lyrics and music video symbolism contain veiled occult messages . But other reports say she was raised as a Catholic and claims to be a Christian. Whatever the truth, her liberal and clearly intentional use of satanic symbols such as inverted crosses,  goats head, and “all-seeing eye” during performances are grounds for concern from any Christian perspective. Considering that she is hugely popular with teenagers and pre-teens, Christians who care about the welfare of young people also have legitimate reason to worry about the effect of her crude sexual actions, imagery and lyrics on young minds in a country rife with sexual abuse of young people and runaway teenage pregnancies.

Gaga goes out of her way to offend Christians. This week, on Tuesday (June 26), during the Australian leg of her she provocatively tweeted a picture of herself in revealing underwear, saying: “Hey Melbourne we’re here! We can hear you downstairs! Is that church bell ringing for us? The devil of pop is here.”

Gaga, who has 52-million likes on Facebook and 23-million Twitter followers, was voted Forbes’ Most Powerful Woman in the World in 2011, and also made Time Magazine’s top 100 influential people’s list in 2010. Is she too popular and powerful to be stopped by a group of South African Christians who the mainstream media regard as extremists? Will the Christians of South Africa, who are in the majority, stand together in opposing the Gaga tour?

Watch this space.


  1. Fanie Herselman

    NO SATANIST gaga for South Africa.

  2. May God prevent Satan and his demons from using Lady Gaga in our city. And may He save Lady Gaga’s soul.

  3. Richard Coeries

    I’m not surprise that so many people have booked tickets to attend Lady Gaga’s performances in SA. We profess to be a majority Christian country but I believe there is only a remnant truly sold out Christians living their lives according to God’s Word. It is now up to us to use whatever means in our power to stop Lady Gaga from performing these shows which clearly is been used by Satan to deceive many. 2 Tim 3:2 “For people will be lovers of themselves,lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy” You can read the rest of the chapter AND CHAPTER 4 to see that we are living in the last days. We need now more than ever to pray without ceasing, interceding for our loved ones who have clearly been deceived by Lady Gaga’s trickery. We also need to pray for her lost soul and ask God to open her eyes before it’s too late. JESUS IS LORD OVER SOUTH AFRICA !!!

  4. You dont have to be “super spiritual” to see her tactics – it’s so obvious and I personally would protest against her coming to perform in South Africa. We don’t need her kind of music. So dont be deceived Christians!!

  5. Oh please!

    Its not that I approve of this crazy woman, but what gets to me how you Christians pick your fights. The biggest joke here is you.

    The so called news I read before this page was about Benny Hinn. You complain about her cult ways, about her blasphemy – yet you publish a full story on the biggest joke of Christianity – Benny Hinn.

    There is far greater things that Christians should be standing against, but for some reason you always choose this stupid issues. I guess it because its not the age old fights that you have lost interest in – its something fun, something new.

    Its this attitude that has been the down fall to the many issues such as porn and abortion. You want to sit complaining about Gaga lady whilst you as a religious group have failed thousands of aborted babies.

    • I agree with you on one thing – the Christian voice should be heard more concerning these issues, however…:

      1) To undermine the initiative of this site, is to deny the very issues that you are stating.
      1a)I am a music lecturer at a Christian Training Centre in Bloemfontein, and one of the Pastors at the church – we have done research in how music develops the brain and affects children development in the following – social development(behaviour, interaction, communication etc); helps developing motor skills; even helping with maths and science…. not only this, but research shows how governments have used music to rally political agenda, Activists and governments alike have used music to stimulate Revolutions (and to enforce/strengthen revolutions); music has been used to bring across subliminal messages – in some cases as bad as bad brain washing people for certain causes; Music has been used counseling people with psychological and emotional problems; Music is used to help the mind and body relax; Music is also a tool in all religions to connect to the Spiritual realm (for Impartation, intervention, visitation, upliftment and edification); music not only has and impact on body, soul and spirit, but can have a social and political impact on individuals, communities, nations – this is a powerful tool that should not be underestimated.

      What Lady Gaga stands for, what her words and actions on stage and off stage stand for is communicating/imparting a lifestyle message that will lead people to HYPOCRISY(double standard) indulging in PORN, which will lead to more RAPE and TRAFFICKING, which will lead to ladies being faced with the option of ABORTION – all of these lead to a downward spiral in social behavior and branch out into social unrest, violence – crimes against humanity.

      It may seem like a futile attempt and that nothing may come from this, but at least someone is making an effort to be a voice…to stand up for what most Christians wold just easily let pass…It is sad though that Muslims can get this right, but Christians cant.

      2) I looked through this website and found their Columns from Errol Naidoo – If you don’t know him – He’s the man that fights these issue’s that you are raising in government – so this site is not only promoting one topic… I Personally know a lady in the ANC that is fighting the ANC on these issues, and she has informed me that she’s not the only one.

      There are many other christian groups, organizations, and churches across South Africa that are making a stand concerning these issues you have raised and continue to do so.

      I have no affiliation with this site or any members of this site, this is my first time to see them.

      Before one makes negative comments I would suggest that we do our research and homework properly and not undermine peoples attempts to make a positive impact.

      Lets rather support such initiatives, and pray for the church and such organizations to have a greater impact… and where we see shortcomings – well maybe that’s God using us to bring awareness of these things in an honourable way.


      • EPH 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

      • Peter, welcome to Gateway News. I do hope that you will subscribe online to our free weekly newsletter and keep in touch. Our vision is to reach every Christian in South Africa with local, national and international Christian news and news from a Christian perspective. We aim to report in a balanced way on Christian news reflecting the rich, diversity of the Body of Christ — warts and all! If you search for abortion on our site (using our search tool) you will see that this is a topic that we cover in depth and about which we deeply care. We agree with the view that as the Church we have been too silent on this issue. Next week we will be carrying a report on a new initiative by one of South Africa’s veteran pro-life activists. We started Gateway News in faith 16 months ago out of a sense of calling to develop a news service that will counter the barrage of anti-Gospel media in the public domain, and to encourage Christians to maintain a Biblical worldview. During this time we have recruited about 30 volunteer writers from all over South Africa to contribute articles. Some of our regular columnists specialise in areas such as social justice, the persecuted church, Kingdom economics, worship music trends, and of course Errol Naidoo, who you mentioned, is a watchman and activist on behalf of Christian family values and Christian freedom: in his latest newsletter to his correspondents he (unsolicited by us) urged his readers to give more support to Christian media such as Gateway News and Joy Magazine. We do welcome comments and interaction from our readers — positive and negative — and we are open to correction when we err.

        I am very interested in your opening comments about the music research conducted by your centre in Bloemfontein. Would you, or one of your colleagues, consider writing an article on this topic for us? Earlier this month a colleague and I paid a visit to Bloem to build partnerships with churches and ministries in the area. We had a great time there — pity we didn’t get to meet.

      • We would love to help out – I’ll contact you about further details. Blessings

  6. Bruce Barthorpe

    All we hear are rumours about what she believes and stands for. Gaga needs to be asked for serious,candid answers about her background, beliefs and reasons for her bizarre outfits and extreme behaviour. As for me—based on her repertoire so far, satan must be smiling.

  7. You only have to watch her music video Judas , utter blasphemy

    or this breakdown of her video Bad Romance, symbols, her 666 hand signals , and 666 written on “Satan’s” hand etc. Its Blatant !

  8. Thank you Peter but I am in fact a very well researched and well informed person when it comes to the ‘activity’ of Christians with regards to issues such as abortion – I can tell you that they are far weaker than then the sudden effort Christians make with issues such as lady Gaga!

    • Rene, Peter’s comments are not directed at you. One ceratinly cannot deny what he is saying. Yes I agree with you that Christians should have a much louder voice concerning the abortion issue and much more in this world. But I am glad that they’re standing up against the Lady Gaga Tour – I am sure there will not be many. Remember, it is not all who say Lord! Lord – but those who do the will of my Father , Jesus said. Not everyone who calls themselves Christians – are in fact Christians. So if you are concerning yourself with the activities of Christians you might very well be disillusioned – Look unto Jesus – The way , the Truth and the Life. Indeed even the music in so called churches these days – makes one wonder if some are not worshipping at Satans throne. Satan has always tried to counterfeit Jesus, and he is getting right into the churches. We are living in a world where a spiritual warfare is happening, it is evident all around us… Even so come Lord Jesus

  9. It is sad to see Christians criticizing other Christians – Satan is laughing all the way to the bank. Jesus told his disciples not to judge and not to stop others working in his name – if they were not against him they were for him. There is a way of putting your view without being unloving and attacking. We have an amazing God using many different folk to build his Kingdom here on earth. Let us pray for each other that His will be done and His Kingdom come. Thank you for a great vehicle of news.

  10. Greetings.. As a youth worker I have come across more than one case where young people entangled in destructive occultic practices attributed the beginnings of it to an obsession with Lady Gaga, calling her mother monster, and she in turn calls them little monsters. After working together with local pastors in each of the cases, the link between Gaga and the world of the occult became increasingly clear. Whether it is intentional from her side, or whether she is controlled by another force, she remains a spiritual gateway leading young people deeper into the supernatural world of the occult.

    In the less extreme cases, Christian youth struggled to pray, weakened in their faith, struggled witg lust

  11. with lust, and couldn’t read their Bibles. Young people that grew up in Christian homes but never made a personal decision for Christ, went as far as dabbling in Satanism and witchcraft from as young as age 10. Music alone is never the root cause for this to happen, yet it was interesting to notice the pattern of involvement with her in some way or another. We have a responsibility to protect the minds and lives of our youth, especially those who are vulnerable to these types of outside influences.


  12. The point is, people, THAT THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD IS. AND WE’RE TO WIN THE GRAND SINNERS! Is this the way to win Lady Gaga? Or your teenagers? NO, my people, Good God no. Every sinner & teen in town is fleeing far away from oh-so-pious christianity and laughing down their sleeves. What would Jesus do? He’d bring her a cup of water and talk to her on the side of the road. First connect, then speak wisdom. Oh dear, my people, you really have lost the heart plot.

  13. Gods word is our guide. The fragrance of His Holy Spirit in us is our voice. I oppose her visit, I oppose abortion, I oppose anything that goes against the teachings of my Saviour. We are however fighting a spiritual battle and the weapons of the world will not help us. We will be persecuted in His name so I say go ahead and persecute me if you wish. I will turn to our Lord in prayer to give me the strength to do what Jesus would do. So yes Zita, I agree with you.We must never forget that God is in control of everything and even Satan cannot act without His consent. We must be guided by Him in all things and not turn to our own strength because if we do we are no better than those who we may criticize.
    Thanks Andre for a wonderful newsletter that keeps so many of us informed and to Brenda, well written.

  14. christians if we fighty this thing of lady gaga physicaly it means we not true christians,our bettle is in spirit.if we fight her spiritualy we will beat her and other pretendas.the people of this world they cannot understand spiritul war.

  15. I agree that we should ban her…what does the FPB says about her visit…she IS pornography!

  16. Holding everything to the word of God is judging in a sense of examining and not condemning; discerning right from wrong; good from evil and light from darkness is what we shld do as believers especially in this end times. Jesus warned of false prophets, he warned us of wolves in sheep’s clothing; we have to be so careful and ask God for discernment because not everyone who claims to be a minister of God,is a minister of the Lord. And big up to you guys for starting this website; I pray that God strengthen you in Jesus name. I aways wondered why we do not have ministries that contends for the faith in South Africa. Jude 1: 3-4 Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share,I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people. For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about[a] long ago have secretly slipped in among you. A friend of mine was just telling me of an email of a Pastor in Nigeria who was auctioning his socks and T-shirt for 10 000 USD saying his socks where anointed; what disturbed me was the fact that the ppl who were there and sending this email thought there was nothing wrong with this. This foolishness needs to stop on the body of Christ, Christ is coming for a bride without spot or blemish.

  17. groups like that mentioned are an embarrassment to our faith. the mainstream media very well may not see things the way we do but its a personal choice and the work of the Holy Spirit to convict believers as to what is right or wrong. these groups only cause more hatred towards Christians. Although I personally do fully agree that Lady Gaga is no role model and her lyrics & stage performances are occultic the way in which we approach should be done in love grace and wisdom that’s all