SA, it’s time to dream with God and take a stand — Lindy-Ann Hopley

The word says God teaches us in our dreams.
There has been an increase in supernatural activity in the last couple of months.
God is speaking – are we listening? Are our hearts surrendered to hear what He says?

“God, I either want to preach somewhere on Pentecost Sunday or go to Dr Rodney Howard Browne for the opening of The Stand – Open Air Crusade.” – my prayer while in Redding, California towards the end of May.

On May 30 I woke up from a dream. I couldn’t remember the images, but I was sure I had dreamt I was at The Stand in Florida. Also in the dream God had said remember the following three letters T I A. Upon awaking I grabbed my Bible, a cup of coffee, put on worship music and sat at His feet. I have learnt time and time again — dreams are important. Take time to discover what heaven in saying.

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His confirmation left me so excited that I burst into tears! I ran to my room to start packing my suitcase to follow the Lord’s direction.

Praise the Lord for a beautiful home I have been blessed to stay in these last three months in Redding USA — as if God knew exactly what I needed.

But that very afternoon I was still on a Global Communion Zoom call asked to represent and prophesy over South Africa.

The anointing of God was so intense as I spoke about it — I started shaking and weeping uncontrollably — I did a LIVE straight after as I felt it bubbling over inside of me!

This prophecy is for you!


That night after my suitcase was packed, I quickly went over to a worship night in a friend’s garage with other hungry Christians. Worshiping together amidst the storm. I fell on my face weeping before the Lord.

At midnight, I left to San Francisco to catch a flight out!

I didn’t know where I was going to stay – nothing. BUT I knew He does. Where you go I go Lord. Finished. He took care of everything. Divine appointment after divine appointment.16 hours of travel and I was in Tampa, Florida. And it started off explosive!

Even in the parking lot the Spirit of God moved a man off his feet -= it was only the first night!

Thousands and thousands have been gathering every night since ! Salvations, miracles, water baptisms and more!

I always tell people darkness increases before Light bursts forth! In the natural it might seem doom and gloom, but my friend, open your eyes to the Spirit realm and tie His word to your heart! The kingdoms of this world are all being exposed and the fire of God is burning them up one by one!

Jesus is KING and He will have the VICTORY! It’s already finished! Keep praying it in!

From there I went South and preached up a storm for Jesus — many miracles followed!

Revival is in our midst!

It is no coincidence that Apostle Rodney is a South African. We’ve got something special. We are a different type of people. South Africans pioneer, they don’t give in to opposition, they take land! They are fiery ones.

I believe there is a remnant of believers in South Africa who all creation is waiting for to stand up against evil! To take the lead across the nations, not just South Africa, but yes across the world, decreeing and declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord!

We are a supernatural Jesus people nation — we have guts, we have balls and we have fire!
Now is the time.
Let’s take a stand.
Jesus is King.

Love & Fire
Lindy-Ann Hopley


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  1. You are such a joy and inspiration. Your preaching, teaching and testimonies are lighting fires all over. Bless you . May the anointing and courage that you demonstrate only increase more and more. I know that where ever you go, you turn the world upside down. People are saved and healed and their lives changed forever.