SA joins 40 Days For Life campaign

Standing vigil outside Marie Stopes Clinic in central Cape Town at the start of the 40 Days For Life campaign yesterday, are, from the left
Left to right Janine an Nina Richards, House Managers of Mater Domini Crisis Pregnancy Home, Colette Thomas and Henry Thomas.

Cape Town pro-lifers joined thousands of Christians around the world yesterday in a ’40 Days for Life’ campaign of prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil to save lives.

It is the first time that South Africa has participated in the campaign that is credited with saving thousands of babies lives since its launch in Texas in 2004.

Local co-ordinator, Colette Thomas of Human Life International, together with her 75-year-old father, Henry Thomas, stood vigil opposite the Marie Stopes Abortion Clinic in central Cape Town from 7am to 7pm daily. They were supported by other volunteers who joined them for 1-hour stretches.

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Global phenomenon
It is the first time that South Africa has joined the campaign that has become a global phenomenon since its launch in Texas in 2004.

Thomas urged people to support the campaign by registering to join the vigil for one hour slots. The vigil will run from 7am to 7pm from Ash Wednesday (yesterday) until Palm Sunday. In keeping with 40 Days For Life requirements all participants are asked to sign a statement of peace in which they pledge to conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.

So far, according to the 40 Days for Life international website, campaigns have been conducted in 481 communities, in 15 nations. More than 6 749 babies have been reported as saved from abortion. 75 abortionists have quit their jobs, and 25 abortion facilities have closed. Local abortion numbers have dropped – as much as 28%. Post-abortive women (and men) are finding healing and forgiveness. In each city, hundreds — more than a thousand, in some cases — are getting involved with local life-saving ministry efforts for the first time.

Thomas said that during her 12 hours vigil yesterday only four women entered the abortion centre.

“Business was on such a low today (i.e. yesterday) at Marie Stopes that the staff stood outside in groups and came and questioned us to see if we had a permit because business was slow,” she said.

Commenting on the objectives of the campaign, she said” “Lets just say when Jesus died on the cross innocent blood was shed and so is innocent blood shed when the babies are aborted. We as Christians and community have to keep these innocents in prayer and what better place than at the modern day of Golgotha.”

She said the pro-lifers visible presence over 40 days shows “we will not give up come rain or shine”.

“We will be outside doors 12 hours to pray to stop abortion in our country, to close the abortion clinic and to change the hearts of the staff. This might seem impossible, Luke 37: 1 Nothing is impossible for God.”


  1. This vigil will carry on daily until Easter. So far very few supporters have come to light. More people are needed to relieve .
    Please pray for support.

  2. Is there a branch near Benoni?