SA Christians pray for Jews around world as they pray for revelation of the Messiah

Christians at a unique prayer event at the Salem Biblical Garden near Paarl last Sunday

Last Sunday Cape Christians took part in a meeting to pray in solidarity with Jews around the world who were praying together for peace through their coming Messiah.

At the Cape event, which was arranged by the David and Jonathan Foundation at the Salem Biblical Garden near Paarl, the gathering prayed for Jesus to reveal Himself to Jewish people as the Messiah.

The global prayer event which inspired the Cape gathering was initiated by a Jewish organisation called “All Jews as One”.

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Unfortunately, numbers at the Cape event were restricted due to Covid-19 and many people booked too late to be included. The event was fully attended by 100 people including the leaders of many of the missions and organisations supporting Israel and the Jewish people in the province.

One man in his 50s made a heroic effort in riding to the meeting on his motorbike from Pretoria — and back. 

Apart from prayer the event included addresses by Jack Carstens, (founder of D&J,) Vivienne Myburgh (Director, ICEJ South Africa) and Herschel Raysman, (well-known leader of the Beit Ariel congregation in Cape Town).

Vivienne, Herschel and Jack were excellent speakers, who deeply touched the audience and the prayer was fervent, recognising that it was possibly the first time in 2 000 years that Jews all over the world managed to pray as one for an event of such import. 

Vivienne spoke on Messianic expectations in the Hebrew Scriptures and used Joseph, seen as a type of Messiah, as an example. A memorable part was pointing out that during the time that Egypt supplied grain throughout the Middle East in response to a famine, Joseph, the vice Pharaoh, asked the Egyptians to leave the room when he revealed himself to his long-lost Jewish brothers. She likened it to present-day Israel being in lockdown with no foreigners in the land; and asked if it will soon be the time that Messiah Jesus/Yeshua will reveal Himself to His Jewish brothers.

This initiative took place just days before the Jewish feast of Purim, which started at sundown yesterday and continues until sunset today. This is significant given that Purim is a celebration of “moving the hands of God in prayer” for the salvation of the Jews.

The events of the book of Esther do not receive particular emphasis in the Christian calendar, yet one can learn a lot about God’s plan of redemption by becoming familiar with the observance of Purim. 

The Bible celebrates that “salvation is from the Jews” (John 4:22) and that Christians have been grafted into the olive tree of God’s chosen people, Israel; so it was with this in mind that people in the Cape chose to come together to join with the Jewish people as they prayed fervently for the appearance of the Messiah.

The Church is waiting for Messiah Jesus to appear in glory at the end of time and prays for His coming and ushering in the reign of His peace in the world. We are encouraged to live each moment in such a way as to hasten His return.

D&J is a non-profit mission established 26 years ago by Jack and Annalee Carstens that focuses on partnering churches around the world with Messianic congregations in Israel. D&J provides an opportunity for individuals and churches to partner with one of the many Messianic congregations in Israel and a means to send financial blessings. 

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  1. Kathleen Cunningham

    Brilliant article Libby.. Very well written and articulate.. A great boost for the David and Jonathan foundation.. Thank you..

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    This was “a meeting to pray in solidarity with Jews around the world who were praying together for peace through their coming Messiah.” We commend Libby for describing ‘those with whom we pray in solidarity’ as ‘the group of Jews who long for their Messiah and His shalom’. Too often we express our solidarity with Jews simply because they are Israel. Remember: Only those Jews will be saved who put their trust in their Messiah, and it is these believing Gentiles and Jews who are one – in ‘solidarity’. (Romans 2:17 – 3:31). At the End, when the full number of Gentiles is saved, then “all Israel will be saved”, but then only because they will have trusted Jesus as their Messiah (Acts 4:12).

    On another tack, we must warn all people to pray observing social distancing and other Covid protocols. The photograph shows that that prayer-meeting was breaking the law – a example that shames the’ reputation of Jesus, which we should uphold.

  3. Praise God. Looks wonderful.
    Be blessed.