Sarah Jakes — Colliding With Destiny — Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth: Review

collidingdestinyBook Review by Val Viljoen

In the Bible, the story of Ruth is beautiful and inspiring. It is a story of redemption and restoration, and can be a powerful initiator of hope to those who are experiencing disappointment and discouragement in their journey through life.

Sarah Jakes is the daughter of influential megachurch pastor and author T D Jakes. Falling pregnant at the age of thirteen was not part of life as she had envisioned it, and being a teenage mother was a hard and lonely road. Her pain was further deepened by the failure of her marriage a few years later.

But if she had given up on God, he had not given up on her. By letting Him direct her into her destiny, Sarah found her life no longer dictated by her past disappointments.

She has found much to guide and inspire her from Ruth’s story, the story of an impoverished widow in a foreign land whose destiny it was to remarry and have a child. And this was a very special child – part of the lineage of Jesus.

‘Colliding with Destiny’ has been written in 30 short chapters, suitable for daily devotional reading. Each chapter starts with a passage from Ruth followed by a teaching drawn from how Sarah has found revelation in this. There is also a journal section which includes questions helpful in making the teaching relevant to one’s own life. Each chapter ends with s prayer.

The message of Ruth is wholly applicable in the life of any Christian. This book in particular would be helpful to young women battling with circumstances that have lead to disappointment with themselves, life and possibly God. Hope and a new perspective can be found in its pages.


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