Shawn Bolz — Translating God: Book Review

Translating God
Book Review by Chanelle Rossouw

Title: Translating God
Author: Shawn Bolz
Publisher: iCreate Productions / NewTypePublishing.Com
Available from Amazon: Hard Copy & Kindle version

What a thought provoking and inspiring read on the subject of the prophetic and so much more. One of the most balanced and healthy books on the subject I’ve read in a long while.

One does not only catch what is taught but also The Father’s heart which Shawn has so beautifully learned to tap into. He teaches how true revelation should come from seeing all humanity through the eyes of Jesus. Seeing their past, present and future from heaven’s perspective. The goal always being LOVE. Love is definitely the undergirding message and theme of the book.

Shawn skillfully weaves together teaching, stories and testimonies that equip and encourage you to step out and risk BIG as you ‘love on’ those God has placed around you.

I found the practical tips he gives on how to practice the gift in everyday ways very helpful. He vulnerably shares not only his success stories but also his failures and how to process both wisely. He emphasises the importance of strong, authentic and accountable relationships which leads to much safety in the prophetic for all those involved.

The section on feedback and follow up on words given and received is excellent and challenging, but if practiced will lead to much growth and maturity in the gift and the church. What I valued the most was that it’s not all about the gift…but about a lifestyle of love, relationship and connectedness to Jesus and the world.

His writing style is easy to read and the tempo keeps you gripped the whole way through. I would encourage every believer, whether you feel you are prophetic or not, to read this book. It will change you.

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  1. Excellent book!