Stage set for KZN Mighty Men

Work has started on the construction of a permanent stage for the MMC KZN on a farm between Mooirivier and Greytown.

The stage is being set for the KwaZulu-Natal Mighty Men Conference from October 26 to October 28.

“After much prayer we have now started building a permanent stage which we will start using for the 2012 event,” says Pieter le Grange who will once again be hosting the MMC KZN on his farm, Winterhoek, between Mooirivier and Greytown.

After the inuaugural MMC KZN on the farm in October 2011 he says 2012 started with God asking the team to show him commitment for the future of the event.

The building of the stage is the team’s answer to the Lord’s challenge.

“We are here to stay and to bring MMC KZN to the men of South Africa,” he says.

“NO Angus (Buchan) will not be present but I can guarantee you that we have four extremely blessed speakers that will bring you the message. I am glad that the different speakers shows our commitment that we are serious about no ethnic or language barriers.”

Le Grange says that after last year’s event he noted MMC-founder, Buchan’s view that numbers do not count but that the men returning home after the event is what counts.

“…and that I experienced when I started receiving feedback from men who attended on life changing experiences,” he says.

The speakers at MMC KZN 2012 are:

  • Simon Hemsley — a member of the His People Church team with a strong, prophetic teaching gift and a passion for the local church.
  • Brian Naidoo — an internationally respected preacher, radio speaker, author, editor, and poet.
  • Mondli Myeza — the dynamic young pastor of KwaDabeka Church and managing director of KwaCare.
  • Ivan Moodley — passionate pastor of Faith Celebration Centre, Port Shepstone, with an evangelistic, pastoral and prophetic ministry.

The venue is in the Hidden Valley of Mooiriver, on the banks of a river and surrounded by mountains, affording opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking and fellowship with men and the Lord.

Men can register online. More information is available on the MMC KZN website.

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