Still time to attend Karoo MMC, say organisers

PE Mighty Men enthusiast Lance Walton who has bought a Mighty Men kilt for the event. The colours of the South African tartan portray a Biblical message.

With just days to go to the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) on Rusoord farm near Middelburg organisers say the venue is ready to host tens of thousands of men who are expected to camp there from Friday March 29 to Sunday May 1.

Men who have not yet made plans to attend the event are encouraged to come, said organising team co-ordinator Jannie Moolman. “You are not too late. There is room for everybody and tickets will be on sale at the gate,” he said.

The aim of the conference, which will be addressed by MMC founder Angus Buchan is to provide men with a unique opportunity to connect with God and to equip them to be Godly husbands, fathers and neighbours.

Tickets for the conference, including camping and a cap (for the first 20 000 people), cost R100 per person and can be bought online at or by calling 079 947 3566 or 0861 000 291.

According to Port Elizabeth Mighty Men Conference enthusiast Lance Walton, who has been selling tickets in Port Elizabeth, demand for tickets has been peaking in recent weeks. He encouraged men who have been to previous MMCs to invite other who have not been before. Walton who is co-ordinating aircraft logistics at the MMC, including the arrangement for the helicopter that will ferry Buchan, has bought a Mighty Man kilt especially for the Karoo MMC. Buchan made news last month when he became the first to order a kilt made from the new South African designed Mighty Men tartan cloth. Walton said his kilt was the fifth sold in South Africa and gave him an opportunity to make a statement about his faith in Christ and to promote MMCs.

Sunday will be “family day” at KMMC

While the first two days of the conference are strictly for men (and boys from the age of 1o upwards) only, Sunday May 1 has been designated as a family day, with women and children invited to join their husbands, fathers, friends and brothers free of charge at the last service of the conference.

Buchan, who will deliver the sermon to the multi-denominational gathering, says: “the family unit is the most precious unit in God’s Kingdom and we need to preserve it with all our hearts”.

“We need to spend time together as a family. A family is a covenant,” says Angus in his daily devotional, “Potato Faith”.
He says children are a heritage from the Lord, a reward from Him and it is our responsibility to raise them in the Lord.
Angus encourages all people to focus on the Lord and the family first.

“This is hard work. It does not come easy. It requires spending time with the Lord. It requires spending time with your family. It requires love and understanding, forgiveness and saying you’re sorry. It requires praying for your family,” says Angus.

Event co-ordinator Moolman said the family day on Sunday was a vital aspect of the conference and was arranged in response to a call for a Family Mighty Men Conference.

“It is also an opportunity for all the women who have been helping organise the conference to participate.
“The unity of the family and the love God in the family is an important part of Angus’ message, because it will encourage the love of God to be extended from the family to the towns, province and country.

“It is also an important opportunity to overcome any negative connotations attached to the Mighty Men event by encouraging women and children to experience the conference for themselves,” said Moolman.

Pastor Fed Nel of the Agapé Church in Middelburg said his entire congregation would be attending the Sunday session of the KMMC.

“Although the KMMC is focused on men, we are using the Sunday service as an opportunity to bring families together and to allow our entire congregation to experience the conference.

“It is always a wonder to experience God’s love in unity.”

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