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US surgeon general confirms Doctors For Life’s stance on dagga

The US surgeon general Jerome Adams, together with top public health officials, have made a series of announcements about the dangers of dagga (cannabis or marijuana), particularly for pregnant women and youth, says Doctors For Life International (DFL) in a media release. DFL says it was delighted and encouraged that […]

Canada legalises dagga in ‘national experiment’

Originally published in The Christian Institute Canada has become the second country in the world to legalise cannabis (dagga) for recreational use. Retailers have already begun selling marijuana on the high streets, with Canadians queueing overnight to be among the first to buy the potent drug. It was claimed legalisation […]

Cannabis is a gateway drug’, says Australian Health Minister

Originally published in The Christian Institute Cannabis is a “highly dangerous and addictive drug” that should not be legalised, the Australian Minister for Health has said. Greg Hunt was responding to a proposal from Australia’s Green Party to legalise the drug. Hunt slammed the proposal as “medically irresponsible”, arguing that […]