Dagga at home still illegal as state gives notice of appeal

Philip Rosenthal.
Philip Rosenthal director of ChristianView Network 

The state attorney confirmed this week that the state will appeal against the Cape High Court ruling allowing dagga use at home and police confirmed an internal circular stating that they will continue to enforce the drug law on dagga without any change, reports ChristianView Network (CVN).

The police circular clarifies confusion created by Judge Dennis Davis’s judgment and media reports which have given many people the impression that it was now no longer a criminal offence to grow or smoke dagga
at home.

The court’s ruling was reckless and undermines democracy, says CVN director Philip Rosenthal in a detailed critique of the judgment which he compares with a High Court ruling in favour of euthanasia last year which was later overturned by the Supreme Court of Appeal. He refers to Judge Davis as a political activist and says it is for parliament and not the court to decide on any change to the law on dagga.

CVN reports that it is studying medical evidence in peer reviewed medical journals and consulting with medical experts. The weight of evidence is strongly against dagga which is seen as posing a risk of multiple forms of harm for example to intelligence, coordination, safety, productivity and unborn babies, says CVN. Only in rare cases is there a medical benefit from only two of the four hundred chemicals in dagga, and in these cases the benefits can be given through synthetically manufacturing these two chemicals.

CVN appeals for financial and practical help to campaign to stop the legalisation of dagga in the face of a well-funded dagga lobby which has for years been spreading misleading “scientific evidence” on alleged health benefits of dagga.


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  1. Guys, you are standing for truth here, publishing stuff like this really tarnishes what this website stands for. Don’t just blindly believe everything and republish stuff like this without getting the facts together and both sides of a story. “medical evidence in peer reviewed medical journals and consulting with medical experts.” is nonsense. Medical “experts” are NOT trained in herbalism, nutrition or natural medicine. Their business model is also directly threatened by dagga. It’s like getting the Monsanto sales people to speak to you about the legitimacy of organic and non pesticide agriculture or heirloom seeds. This is the same kind of nonsense that says evolution is true, your great grandpa is a monkey and we all came from a rock. Another lie: “a well-funded dagga lobby which has for years been spreading misleading “scientific evidence” on alleged health benefits of dagga.” The medical benefits of dagga in tea and oil form is very well documented and known. God made the plant. The plant is innocent. If people want to smoke it, or make clothes or compost, cakes or tea from it, then they should be free to do it. This is not nearly the same as abortion or euthanasia which is taking a life. Instead of wasting money to lobby against something dagga, why not spend that money on something more important like helping people meet Jesus who died for them?