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‘Cry for freedom’ from Cape Town’s black professionals — Nomvuyo Xabela

Although the word freedom is used, rightfully, in different contexts today, it is a biblical concept. Freedom (of being and doing) is a central theme and value of Christianity (Kingdom citizenship), with Christ redeeming us and setting us free from sin (Galatians 5:1). We see “freedom” demonstrated well in the […]

Was Fidel Castro good for the gospel, Africa and the world?

[notice]A monthly column that reflects on living in the Kingdom of God.[/notice] Fidel Castro, the world’s longest ruling leader (1959-2008), passed away recently. While exiled Cubans celebrated jubilantly in Miami, several heads of state and media houses gave glowing tributes to the founder of Cuba’s Communist inspired society with “free […]

Religious advocacy group fights back after school ‘purges’ Christian books

Originally published in The Gospel Herald Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is warning a Southern California charter school that it is violating the First Amendment after administration removed a number of library books due to their Christian content. Fox News contributor Todd Starnes reports that a parent of students enrolled at […]